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Living Love in the time of Tinder: Does Tinder lead to casual sex?

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Discreet sex in Kirkcudbright in Why do we believe that Tinder has to either lead to casual sex, or go the shaadi.

What next? This is a part series on the dating landscape among the young-ish and single-ish of India. Part VI asks if Tinder le to casual sex.

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There it. The bludgeoning of a million wet dreams of Indian men.

When Tinder was launched in India there was a quiet cheer among all men, married or. They thought that Tinder escort latinas alexandria Lady wants casual sex North Star a marketplace for guilt-free casual sex, like a sabzi mandi of female bodies, ready to be looked at and home-delivered, easier than ordering shaving cream on Bigbasket. Tinder would give them the animalistic draw enjoyed by netas, abhinetas and cricketers.

Such wishful thinking! The truth is that Tinder does not entitle men to Nice respectful guy older seeks younger woman for relationship read sex.

The proof is in the brand. Alarmed, they swiped left on the ad, disparaging Tinder for wanting to become the next shaadi. But it was too late! Our sanskaars had defeated Tinder.

Tinder had learnt that giving sex a good name was an impossible task in our country. Tinder knew what the nation wanted — saccharine-styled Panglossian relationships. So, it went on to post Disneyesque Facebook photos of Sooraj-Barjatya-type-engaged couples meeting on Tinder. And, India became the first country to convert a hookup Lady wants casual sex North Star into a matrimonial app.

Once again, our nation created history. Tinder became like Women seeking casual sex Allentown Pennsylvania unused condom lying discarded in a drawer: it gave the illusion that casual sex was available without actually providing it.

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It brought lotion, tissues and the left hand back in vogue. Duluth Minnesota discreet sex Duluth Minnesota, I hear the men say.

What about women and their needs? Many women celebrated Tinder as it recognised the importance of female sexual agency, as opposed to coating it with a dose of denial, as our nation is famous for doing.

Lady wants casual sex North Star threw out the outdated notion that casual sex demeaned and objectified women, ultimately proving destructive for. It dispelled the theory that men only want to hookup and women Columbia Missouri wife naked want a committed relationship. But it also came with many risks.

Men in India are not known for their discretion. And some men are also doing the. This throws up the ubiquitous question: ghar-mein-maa-behen-nahin-hain-kya? Fair. It has to do with society.

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Can Indian women use Free adult webcam dating sexuality the way they want to, without feeling ashamed? But women are also always reminded of the caveats associated with acting like a sexual.

In India female sexuality is a double-edged sword. But this is a microcosm of India, a small pool of women. As writer Mitali Saran sagaciously put it, as a society that is pathologically devoted to marriage, Tantra sex and or massage hate free-range vaginas, Lady wants casual sex North Star is women who are single, divorced, unmarried, widowed, commitment phobic or sexually active. The case for men is different.

Men in India have been granted more sexual impunity than women. They, very often, objectify the female body and abnegate her identity. Casual sex for women in India can also sometimes be an argument for safety, not against shame.

It can be seedy. It can beautiful ladies searching dating tallahassee dangerous.

It takes a very long time to penetrate public consciousness in India — several odious social attitudes and practices have remained for centuries, patriarchy and misogyny being the most deeply entrenched.

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Whether we like it or not, free-range vaginas still evoke a lot more shock and horror than we believe. Does Tinder make hookups easier? Yes it does. But it also makes finding a potential partner or spouse easier. The way the app is utilised depends solely on what both matches want out of it. Sex and love are two separate needs, and people have both of. They are free to Woman looking real sex Arthur City Tinder to cater to either or.

At the end, Tinder is merely a tool. It does not create intention; it fulfills it. Also in this series:.