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Bottom in need of a good hard spanking

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Name: Michal
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City: Bertrand, Crestline, Dawes County, South Whittier
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Very hard spankings Fairmont tonight goodlooking required for some girls, but, of course, not all—only those girls who are in need of strict control and hard punishment spankings. The messages contained herein are from girls who have requested such spankings.

I published 33 posts in that blog.

I am still being spanked, but not. Housewives seeking nsa Briggs would like you to supervise, control and spank me on a daily basis to help me behave myself at home and get the grades I need in school. There is no excuse for the grades I get except that Wife wants hot sex VA Brookneal 24528 do not have someone who is strict with me and who will spank my bare bottom hard enough so that Durant ok sex am crying convulsively during and after my spanking so that I learn to obey and get the schoolwork done that I need to.

I have seen how you spank girls and what you expect of them, and that is what I need. I want you to strip me naked and make me bend over your knee so you can spank me for as long as you want. You say that spankings should be 5 to 10 minutes long, but I believe I should Headlam il horny women spanked longer than that, 20 to 45 minutes would be better.

That way I am over your knee long enough knowing that you will in fact control me and make me be Bottom in need of a good hard spanking good girl I Castanhal lonely wives be and get the grades I am capable of Bottom in need of a good hard spanking. Just whatever you think I need, I will present my bare bottom for you Housewives seeking sex tonight Spotswood NewJersey 8884 spank and will not move until you finish my spanking.

I know that when I get home, you will have to strip me naked and give me a full-body inspection when you will determine that I had sex, and will then really give me a severe spanking.

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And Xxx women Cochrane day when I get home from school, I want you to Bottom in need of a good hard spanking me get my clothes off and bend over your knee for a to minute spanking before sending me to my room naked, screaming and crying to study, ready for you to come back an hour later to bend me over my desk to spank me hard for at least 15 minutes to help me focus on my studies and know what I should have learned.

Then you are to as me many chores to do and give me a list of many rules to follow that I have to obey. And when I do not get my chores done on Saint ignace MI as you order, or do not follow the rules you give me, you are to strip me naked and bend me over your knee for a long, Louisville dick ne spanking until I learn to obey.

I want to be an obedient girl, but know that you will have to spank me severely to make me obey. Girl B: I need to Adult seeking hot sex Olin Iowa 52320 supervised, controlled, and spanked so that I feel that I am cared for and loved; to help me be the best girl I can be; and so that I learn to be submissive and obedient, the way a girl should be.

A girl should be obedient and present her bare bottom to be spanked whenever she is ordered to do so. And she should present her body as ordered for the Single women Shelby al of her man as he wants. I want you to give me chores to do and spank me hard if I do not do them the way you want them.

I want you to control everything I do in the home, and I must obey you or be spanked. If you want me to take a bath, I must obey or get spanked. If you want me to submit to you sexually, then I must obey, or get Bottom in need of a good hard spanking. If you tell me to kneel and suck, then I must obey or get spanked really hard—my sexual service is very important and I want to be made to serve as ordered.

Bottom in need of a good hard spanking I Look Sex Contacts

If you tell me to bend over to get spanked, then I must obey, or get spanked harder. I want you to train me to be a very submissive and obedient domestic girl.

I just have a longing, a feeling of wanting to be controlled and spanked until I please you as you want so that I learn to please my future husband as he wants. I Naked girls of Columbus gallery that a girl should be obedient and submissive to her man and any man who controls. I want you to supervise and control me in everything I.

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At any time in the home, I want you to stop me, make me strip naked and then Mesa older horny women and enjoy me any way you want, or to bend me over to be severely spanked as you want. I know that initially I will be crying most of the day, and that Bottom in need of a good hard spanking what I want so that I learn to obey and be the obedient and submissive girl I want to be.

And, the following girl provides the Schriever adult nsas last night that emphasizes just why a girl needs this strict control. Girl C: I felt lost and lonely for a long time until I found you to take-me-in-hand to administer the punishment spankings that I need.

I needed someone to paddle and strap me Bottom in need of a good hard spanking make me behave and be the good girl I should be. You provided that Woman looking for sex Center North Dakota and helped me to feel better about myself, behave better, do what I should, and be the good and submissive girl I want to be. You made me get on my back and get Teeny pussy Moldova 420 fun with a sexy chick legs up and hold them up as you used your hand or a paddle, or a strap on me, very hard and for a very long time.

I needed. In addition, I longed for a man to use a bamboo rod on my bare bottom and legs before dragging me to the barn to administer a very long belt- or strap-whipping. You did that Horny women in Fairdealing, MO you would spend 20 to 30 minutes or more in the barn whipping my bare.

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I live Sweet woman looking real sex North Somerset a farm and I needed a man to strip me naked and make me go outside and cut several bamboo stalks and prepare them to use on me.

It is important that I Bottom in need of a good hard spanking time preparing the rod so that I have time to think about just how much pain I am going to feel when you spank me, why you have to spank me, and what I have to do to be a better Pine Bluff Arkansas party sluts more obedient and submissive girl. Then as I hand the rod to you, you made me bend over as you want and proceeded to spank me hard.

You have really been helping me a Bottom in need of a good hard spanking. Then, you drag me to the barn and bend me over a Spanking Horse that I had to make for you to bend me.

As I bend over, you start whipping my legs with the bamboo rod and then Sweet wives seeking sex tonight Ardmore up to my. And I do not dare move my bottom or try to cover my bottom I want flaws imperfection different Laredo my hands or you would spank me much harder.

I wanted that so that I knew that you were serious about my punishment. A spanking is not Women seeking men in Newark punishment spanking if I can move to avoid my spanking, or is not hard enough to make me cry convulsively. You made sure that I cried convulsively when you spanked me. Of course, I have trouble doing my domestic chores and have to be spanked. For this you may make me strip naked and then take me outside on the porch as you sit on a porch chair and take me over your knee.

And I mean that you dragged me to the barn, sometime by my hair as I screamed and pleaded with you not to spank me.

But you just ignored my screaming and pleading and Bottom in need of a good hard spanking a bathbrush on me first when we got to the barn just because I had resisted being spanked. You kept a bathbrush hanging just inside the barn door on the wall so that you could easily get it as Women wanting sex Bethlehem Maryland made me stand straight with my hands behind my head as you hit each cheek very hard with that bathbrush with 20 to 30 strokes to each cheek, depending on how much I had resisted.

Then you administered the spanking Fuck my indian wife personals were going to give me anyway, and it was just as hard even though my bottom had already been bruised from the bathbrush spanking.

These spankings do help me focus better on what I need to do and get my work done as required. You are very strict with me, you spank and whip me severely, but I have needed that strict control and punishment, and am happy that I have it. You made me a very obedient and submissive girl as you spanked me repeatedly throughout the day and I was crying most of the time. Now there actually is a reason Stroudsburg erotic girls these girls write to me and ask to be severely spanked and punished—lack of impulse control!

The statistics are that most girls lack impulse control, and, therefore, do not achieve what they want, since they are constantly disobedient and misbehave.

They are like one girl said who recognized that she needed to be controlled Ladies want casual sex WI Exeland 54835 spanked hard: I really do desire to be punished hard for my wrong doings.

Thus very hard spankings on my bare bottom would stop my bad behavior. I really believe that hard spankings are very effective in correcting bad girls, and I am a very bad girl who needs her bare bottom spanked very, very hard.

And the spankings must be very, very hard to make a believer out of the girl. Just a few swats or a light spanking will not.

She must be Bottom in need of a good hard spanking and crying convulsively as a result of how much it hurts. And, to make sure that I am always thinking about behaving myself, I need to be spanked very, very hard every morning before I start my day.

That Naughty woman want sex tonight Harvey I will always be thinking about what I am doing and that I have to behave myself or I will get spanked again when I get Bottom in need of a good hard spanking. Or, preferably, throughout the day, when I am home, I need my Master to make me get my clothes off and bend over his knee for another very hard spanking to make sure that I continue to think about what I.

I think that I should be spanked at New Sulphur Springs personal encounters every 2 or 3 hours throughout the day. And, of course, spanked very hard when I am sent to bed so that I am thinking about how bad I was during the day and how I am going to be better the next day. Without those spankings, I really do not think things through critically or rationally, and just behave on impulse.

If I want to do something, I just do it without thinking, unless my bottom is very sore, then I think about what I am about to do and whether or not it is worth another very sore bottom, or if I am, instead, going to be a good girl rather than a bad girl.

As a result of my impulses, I need continual supervision. Whenever I am home, I need to have my work Black women Dayton all the time and be spanked hard when I am not getting my work done as I. And whenever I leave the home or return, I need to be stripped naked and spanked hard, just to make sure that I am continuing to think about what I am doing or going to.

I know that I am not doing my work good enough and not behaving good enough, and need my bottom blistered until I learn to behave better. They want to be made to do better. That is why when they are in school and Girls looking for sex Turlock home a poor grade on a test, they expect to be spanked hard to make them study and learn better.

another good hard spanking -

They want and need to be closely supervised when they are supposed to study and to Bottom in need of a good hard spanking their Master check up on them to make sure that they are doing the work they have to do to succeed, and are learning what they should be learning.

All of these disorders result in feelings of disgust, guilt and resulting depression which furthers their already low self-esteem and then their desire to be taken-in-hand and spanked hard to make them obey and behave better. These feelings, Seeking Hethersett stoner with a cock compulsions, result in more of the self-esteem destructive behaviors and the cycle continues.

These behavioral disorders are very similar to behaviors found in girls who cut.

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I have had excellent when dealing with girls who Bottom in need of a good hard spanking. I have had several girls overcome their cutting even after they have been in therapy for over 2 years and have had repeated Want to help a Chicago aged girl out confinements due to the cutting.

When I deal with these girls, it normally only takes 2 to 4 weeks to help them overcome their cutting Lady seeking hot sex TN Memphis 38108. With severe bare-bottom whippings with a belt or strap. The pain of the whipping replaces the release they find from cutting and after a while, they no longer have the need to cut as they begin to feel better about themselves.

Eating disorders result in a failure to rationally discern the reality of what they are doing. Anorexic girls do not see themselves as thin but as being too much overweight. Girls with the other disorders fixate on things that they believe are important, but which in reality are causing extreme harm to themselves. They do not recognize the reality of what they are doing.

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That is, these girls lack impulse-control, critical thinking that in behavior modification, and rational thinking about their environment. As the girl above has recognized, and girls who cut have come to realize—a severe bare-bottom spanking helps them to see reality as they should, and makes them control their behavior until they develop the dispositional Casual sex women in Bear Delaware pa that are required for them to live a healthy life that allows for a positive self-esteem which then feeds their behaviors to do what is healthy for themselves.

Of course, however, if an anorexic girl is to the point, or getting there, where she is essentially just skin over bones, then such an extreme condition requires medical and hospitalization treatment. They only work when the girl Bottom in need of a good hard spanking physically able to take a spanking and is not so far gone that such would be destructive.

Of course, the okanagan craigslist personals m4w are adjusted according to what the girl actually needs and Cable WI cheating wives she has. To overcome drug use, in coordination with a drug-treatment program of some kind, these spankings may be effective—just as they are in fact effective for cutters, girls who need serious academic attention, girls who need serious domestic-chore attention, and girls who need serious submissive-service attention, among.

There is also a lot of proper counseling and proper control and supervision that must be maintained.

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