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Paris Fashion week 2016 is ending today and I need to get something off my chest or my soul will keep haunting me. I have been thinking of the best way to recount this experience. This post is literally last-minute and I’m still not sure how to write this but yeah here goes nothing.

This year has been a great year for me all around and I am very grateful to God for everything♥ My dreams literally came true. This year I visited New York, Spain, Germany, Italy and Paris!!! Let me preach to you about the power of writing down your Goals and Dreams and visualizing them into reality!!!! But this is rant for another day. I visited these amazing countries both for work and for leisure, I share more of these in my NappyTravels.

I am the girl who goes for my dreams. I set goals and I don’t sit around and pray for life to happen to me, I do the work. One of these goals is to walk New York, Milan, London and Paris Fashion week back to back like all the other professional models do. I saw the opportunity to take a steps in this direction while I was in Europe earlier this year. So after my short stay in Germany, I thought to myself why not quickly branch over to Paris and see if I can get myself a modelling agency. I set this goal for NYC and it worked!! I can still hear the one model’s voice in my head.. “See that’s not how it works, when an agency wants you they fly you over and pay for all your expenses…..” me⇒ ………( ‘ _’) Cool Babe, You do YOU.

First Time In Paris

Anywho, first time in Paris, didn’t  know anyone or anywhere, can’t speak french to save my life. Armed with screenshots of maps&instructions, GPS, power bank and my debit card I managed to take the train from Gare du Nord and booked into this tiny back packer with the smallest elevator I had ever seen in my life! Think of any elevator you know and divide into 10! Lucky I packed just one suitcase and planned to stay for only 3 days. I bought a new back pack and hit the streets to my 10 appointments with different modelling agencies. I ended up visiting only about 7 of them. Guess what they all said……..????


Eiffel Tower, Paris

I’m seriously tempted to be like, find out the rest in the next post, LOOOOlzzzz but naahh amma tell you 🙂 The scenario plays like this; I walk in there HiHi, introduce myself and ask for my contact person. They look at my portfolio, ask about my age, where I’m from and what why story is, sometimes they ask to see my walk ,take some Polaroids and its on to the next agency. After the day is done, I get the feedback from my agent who made my appointments.

If you were thinking they probably said I needed to to be skinnier you’re not far off. I got the one agency who measured my hips and it wasn’t an 89cm and said my hips were 3times bigger than the Paris model sizes. We thought France has had its Anorexia Crackdown but clearly not everyone got the memo. After looking at my portfolio, they also said I would  fit on their direct booking board but I needed to live closer to Paris, so pretty inconsistent there. The feed back from most of the agencies were; ” She’s TOO FIT”

Ummmmmmmmm………. ?!#$??%??????  Too fit kwa?? As in too much Muscle, or too healthy or bawo?

I think I need to be true to my Naija blood and end it here, hahahaha.  5 out of 7 agencies I visited all said I was TOO FIT for the Paris Runway.

What do you guys make of this statement, let me know in the comments⇓ before I continue the rest of this re-counter in my next NappyRant; Too Fit for Paris Part 2




  • nappyese
    October 5, 2016

    I wonder ooo myself o. Neva heard this kin tin before. Thank you Blessing♥ I wont! Will jist you the rest in part 2 😉

  • Amaka Chirah
    October 5, 2016

    baby girl, ain’t nothing like too fit!! your gorgeous body Is beautiful and maybe you were overwhelming to them cos they’ve never seen your kinda body before but trust me, at the right time, these same people will say otherwise and run after you. Give it time. Xx.

  • nappyese
    October 5, 2016

    Thank you Amaka❤

  • DC
    October 5, 2016

    Oh my gosh. Can not believe that. You’re absoulutely stunning. Crazy to think anyone still encourages unhealthy underweight models.
    I think you’re perfect

    Hope your story ends nevertheless.

  • Zaynab Adaranijo
    October 5, 2016

    There’s nothing like too fit love.. If people like Serena Williams can make a cover and isn’t too fit, you don’t have anything to worry about. They are just trying to body shame u and limit u. Don’t let them!!!

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