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First Trip to Asia: What’s in my box

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Wagwan my Napyboo,

Thanks for stopping by again on the blog. Finally ASIA!!!!! I can’t tell you how super freaking stinking excited I am to be finally going to DUM DUM DUM *drumroll* IIIIINNNNDDDDIIIAAA. And it’s not just because Manushi Chinchillar is the current miss world haha.

Anyone who truly truly know me can attest to my love of Bollywood Sagas. I mean if you’ve followed me from my early days of starting my youtube channel you’d remember where I touched on my healthy obsession for Top International and Bollywood actress Deepeka Padukone and Priyanka Chopra in my Channel Trailer Video. Yes, I grew up watching Bollywood Love stories, but my reasons for finally visiting India goes beyond my dreams of dancing and singing on one of those movie sets (far fetched but real AF!) All my soon to be Indian friends, if you have connects hook a sister up please no jokes.

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They say curiosity killed the cat. Loolzz, yet here you are tryna to stick your nose in my box, and I don’t mind at all!

I spent the past couple weeks searching for authentic experiences from people who have experienced the great country of India and I came across the gorgeous hippie-in-heels. before we proceed let me clear the air. I am from Lagos Nigeria, more precisely brought up in Ikorodu


Think about my last statement. If nothing still clicks, let me just state it; India’s got nofin on me. My dear if you can survive in Lagos you can survive anywhere abeg. My Lasgidi people please eigtighi in the comments if you agree with me. The average Nigerian has been through the most and we survive. I know I can handle India. Now if I only I could escape the dreaded ‘Delhi Belle’ I can smile triumphantly through my #30daysinIndia.




Most of the stuff I read say the real dread is the water. I have to swear by bottle water for these 30days, luckily buying water has never been my chai latte πŸ™ Β Lets hope I don’t come back parched. I guess this is a good time to say this trip is on a budget. The bravery I had alone to book my flight ehn?! But I know my experiences will be worth much more..

Updates skin care routine coming soon!

Lavender Essential Oil for concentration and Focus

LemonGrass Essential Oil to repel Bug and Mosquito bites

Ecalyptus and Frankinscence to ward off fever


I guess this is also a good time to add I won't have health insurance. Lord have mercy!

Healing Stones and Shea Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner Travel sizes!

This is the first time I have incorporated healing stones into meditation. These are special stones relatable to Capricorn Sun Sign. Black Opal and Galena. I probably know as much as you do when it comes to astrology or maybe not. As an Earth sign, I want to feel more connected to my elements and this is my first step.

I wonder whats more shocking? That I’m going to India or that I’m actually taking food provisions with. Again, totally a Nigerian thing. At least for folk like us who knows how rough it is to live far away from home in “boarding school”

How I see, this is just another extension of those days going away from home to study. Life studies continues. If you really think about it, you’d see how this is really a smart move. Especially if you’re on a budget. Plus I’ve been a carnivore all my life, my whole perception of life is about to change quite drastically in more ways than one. Best to have things I like: FOOOOOODDDDD


I’d say I’m preety prepared for this trip. What do you think?

Rupert Jr. my travelling bear is also super excited to being this new journey! Tell you nieces and nephews to follow his adventures on Facebook! He aims to inspire little brave hearts all over to believe; It doesn’t matter where you are from, you can choose where you want to go.Β Follow @RupertTheTravellingbear on Instagram


The Adventures of Rupert Jr. The travelling bear from Jozi


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