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A Rainy Summer in Femme Luxe

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Lagos living is Lit! And guess what made even lit-ter. Oops! Pardon the puns…

Waking up one beautiful day to Femme Luxe’s email was something of a nice surprise from the Universe. Although, I have collaborated with brands more than a few times on sponsored posts, tbh this one came out of the blues. You’d be surprised I actually ignored the mail for about a week because I didn’t think it would work due to the fact I lived in Lagos, but then they sent me another one mail reminder and I gave it a shot.

ALTÉ FEELINGS: Ahem! Before we get into that, It's been a while since I've shared a style story so I Feel I need to revamp our conversation theme.

When I started writing and doing blog posts, I took great pride in it. I enjoyed it a lot, along the line I really got quick and direct to the point because I got confused with numbers, so shorter post meant more time to write and share yes ??  NEWSLETTERS, HAIR, SKIN, TRAVEL AND FITNESS, YOUTUBE AND INSTAGRAM CONTENT Whew! Photo and video content! It got pretty overwhelming after a while

Long story short Femme Luxe arrived at my local post office and I went to pick it up not believing my luck. Certainly, I was skeptical on the chances of it arriving but here in Lagos. Luckily my cousin asked me to give it a shot. I’m glowing from ear to ear as I write this because it mean Nigeria actually works. So proud.




Snake Short Sleeve Boxy Loungewear Set – Lacy


A few weeks back, can you imagine me almost buying an over priced snake patterned leggings a few weeks ago, thank God I didn’t because now look at God. I look everywhere and I see snake print. Have you noticed too? Move over cat family, the reptiles are here. I paired this comfy set with my snake skin boots, for that head to toe rockperfect for rainy weather or warm evening. The material used to make this wear is nice and stretchy and comfortable on the skin.



Pink Satin Cowl Neck Bodycon Midi Dress – Clarence

Pink Satin Cowl Neck Bodycon Midi Dress – Clarence

The day I picked up the package, I got invited to a bachelors party. And I wore this sexy number. Trust me when I say, this dress is a show killer and stopper and leave it there. It’s perfect for a night, making you feel sexy and classy a the same time. It’s made with Great Quality material, even thoughts tight, I’m not afraid its going to rip apart at any sudden moment. I paired it with my head wrap for that African regal pink action. Wotcyu say boo? Are ya feeling this look?

SIZE: 8-10





Black Slinky Front Tie Two Piece Set – Kia

Can you tell a pattern here with my style?

>>>>>>>>>>>> I’m all for the two piece sets. I like how easy and soft this outfit is. Even though the size 8 I ordered didn’t really fit my tall torso and legs, I am definitely loving the front tie cut and the flared pants. Now who wants a giveaway?? Yup! You heard right boo. I’m giving away this lucky number to one very lucky boo of mine. Could that be you?? 

Follow my @nappyese on Instagram and turn on my post for notifications because I will be giving away this gorge set! All giveaway details will be on the nappygram!


PS: No heels were ruined in the making of this shoot 

Camel Crop Jumper Loungewear Set – Deanna

Earth tones are my thing and its obvious its Femme luxe’s thing too yaaay! I fell in love with this Jumper sweat the minute I saw it. I love the way it bares my décolletage. Don’t you?

Also very comfy and semi-loose fitting. Not tight or constructing at all.


Would you shop with Femme Luxe? What do you like about each of these outfits? I think my favorite thing about the lunge wear set is that it is perfect to keep warm during the wet rainy season of Lagos Nigeria.


-Model: @juliaeseotobo

-Photgrahper: @ekenenwonye


ALTÉ THOUGHTS: Shout out to my amazing friend and photographer Ekene aka Nappybo$$ Ekene, who took some time to help make the dream work and welcome to the team. Let's see what he thinks about the outfits. Ekene leave a comment below on your opinion and let the world know how much fun this was.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post, please also enjoy this links. More style post on Femme Luxxe to come soon. Please leave and questions or comments below

PS: If you're new here or just in case you haven't got the gist is far, this is a sponsored post because I go to keep these amazing outfits. Even though it is sponsored, they totally fit my style. Comfort and Elegance, and I add my culture with my nappywrap!




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Love and Happiness,



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