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#30DAYSININDIA: How I became a Yoga Teacher +Vlog Highlights

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Wagwan my boo!

Is another day in Nappyese world! Been back from India and we popping! Grab a snack and a drink! Iz about to be a looooong post!

How have you been? I wanna hear from you, so shout me out in the comments!

India was crrraaaaaaazzzzyyyyyyyyy yall!!!!! I mean! Words alone can not fully describe the intense life rounded experiences that my trip to India was.


Just like my soul knew it would be! Thank heavens I decided to digitalize my experience! And even with that there were some moments that were just too real to be in dual dimension! Like our infamous monkey fight over bananas, I’ve been singing about on my instagram.


Yall!!!! This is video content gist I tell you!!!

Scroll  to the bottom of this post to watch my 30 DAYS IN INDIA HIGHLIGHTS


Scroll  to the bottom of this post to watch my 30 DAYS IN INDIA HIGHLIGHTS

And I thank God for enormous blessings!! Like my husbae coming all the way to meet me and being part of my unique experience. This whole vlog series that’s about to mightily tease your senses would never wouldn’t have fully manifested without him.


India was all sorts of intense! I’m sure you’ve heard this many a times. And I’m going to sound the gong again cos its sooooo true!

The colors, the smells, the people, their customs and traditions. I can’t count the no of times I was bombarded by Indian families for selfies. Bombarded indeed! I even ended up loosing my favorite pair of ray ban sun glasses and a kaftan I had mission all the way to a market to get in all the confusion. Many times when a tribe of Indian family would swarm I would feel like I was adopted hahah and it was a family photo.

Some are polite enough to ask, some sieze the oppotruntiy to invade your space. If you take one selfie with an Indian, best belive you’re taking 10 more in the same breath.

My favorite place to be in out of all the places was Fatehpur Sikri, because there was space!!! Oh Lord, sweet space. Even though India is such a vast country, the people tend to hurdle together. Law and order is a myth and traffic is madness.

From Cows to Mules, Horses, monkey, motorcycles on the bridges; Lakshman Jula(Monkey robbers here) and Ram Jhula to cray tuk tuk drivers in New Delhi, it was Chaos!


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Up next for favorites was the Golden temple. The beautiful gold coated building in Agra where the Indians come to pray. It is perhaps the equivalent to a pilgrimage in Mecca. Out of all the places we visited, this was the one places were we felt the most at peace. The energy here was one of love and worship and peace. Sweet peace. We could have stayed here for days…

It was amazing learning yoga in the beautiful tourist haven that is the city of Rishikesh! And I am looking forward to sharing that 30 days experience in my #nappytravel vlog series. One of the things I learnt while studying yoga is the importance of self study as a yogi. This is something I’ve always been particularly good at and needless to say I achieved all that I set out to when I asked myself WHY I AM GOING TO INDIA

It was an intense journey to re-discovery back to self and I’m really giving you a large chunk of my heart by taking you along with me, each day I was there, learning and re-discovering my inner Ese. This is why I have decided to create a new special section of my blog to coincide with my blog and brands 2nd year anniversary!! (Whoop!) for all you beautiful nappyboos who will continue to come on my journey with me. I am titling it  NAPPY-DIARIES! And this is where I will release all of the 30days of my spiritual discovery journey in India and well as other heart thumping topics we will continue to discuss about.










It’s funny because when this idea came to me I remebred the times in secondary (high) school when my  school-mates would steal my dairy and journals and tell each other about what I had written. It used to hurt quite a lot then, but alas here we are again 🙂

So head over to my Nappy-diaries and save yourself a spot! The first video of the #nappytravel series will release soon!

To conclude India was everything and more I thought it would be. More because I was plenty dis-illusioned of many things I had thought about the place. Yes, I’m blaming bollywood lol. So differ if you may of you’re an Indian nappy boo and you don’t agree with some things below, but let’s agree to disagree because these are my personal real life experiences.I always form my conclusions about a place by the characters of it’s people. And here are


1.Indians don’t really dance;

At least not like how bollywood makes it seem. You know.. like after every emotional feasible event. Which I won’t lie was quite disspointing for me. There were no dance houses in Rishikesh, in Amristar, Agra and even in Delhi, finding one felt like a mission. Every time we asked locals about dancing we got something like; This is a holy city so no dancing. What…??

The one time we had a chance in Rishikesh on one of my yoga mates birthday, they turned the music off a 10 o’clock and make stern faces that read get out of our restaurant. The only time I saw real dancing was at a wedding that happening right beside my yoga school. I put two and two together, cos if bollywood isn’t real and there is an abundance of dancing in it at all times……… My awakening had started 🙁

My amazing yoga mates and Yoga Teacher!

2. Most Indians are vegeterians but they also eat meat.

Don’t beleive the myth that Rishikesh is a Holy City where meat is not eaten because they are. It took my bae only 2 days of arriving to get approached by the locals asking if he wanted to eat meat at a special price of course. We had Chicken for dinner on couple occasions. All I could think was of the poor unassuming tourists who actually believe the stories they are fed. If that was a lie imagine the web of other lies are being spun. To be honest I actually was enjoying my time away from meat after struggling past the first 2 weeks and getting used to it until my bae came and ruined that lol.. (jokes)

3. Indians are kind and welcoming people

Even with the blatant corruption that seems to be plaguing the Indian society, and I can speak about it because my country Nigeria has the same disease. As most societies do to a certain degree, but when it has seeped so deeply engrained into the culture its a wonder and mighty relief when you find good people! They were more than a few incidents where we were ripped off on our trip, (and you must have heard this) but for every horrible person and encounter, we met good people that helped our heart feel a little better. For example we took the train and ended thinking a family had taken our seats on the train but we had been sold a train ticket for the day before instead for the day we needed (even after we ran around town and waited many hours to get these), so we had no seats. The station manger didn’t care to help our plight, but the Sikh family were kind enough to take us in, shared their food, stories and families with us, taught us their language, even gave us orange turbans as gifts after teaching us how to tie it. <Sniff> that was so beautiful, I’m still emotional even writing about it. Even with all of the stress that surrounded us, moments like these made it entirely worthwhile! And I have plenty more stories like these but I will save them for my vlogs!


4. Most Indians don’t practise Yoga

First of all I was nicely surprised to find out Yoga was a practice that generated from the Indians. I thought it was just another western form of exercise until I decided to dive deeper into it.

Then I finally travelled all the way to India to find that it is not generally practiced by most Indians. Another surprise! Even as beautiful and holistic the practice is?  Even at my school in my yoga class there were only three Indians in the whole course of about 13 people and one left. I don’t know what to make of this but I bless the ancient Vedics’ for discovering this amazing practice and everyone else who had a hand in trinkling down the wisdom and information into this time.

5. Colorism and Sexism is real AF!

I’ll do us both a favor and save  some horror stories for the vlogs. Because I don’t think just writing here can fully express my true feelings as a young African Nigerian woman traveling all alone in Asia my herself, for the times when bae hadn’t arrived.

And one more point just for the heeck of it:

6. The colors are surreal!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen as much glorious color blocking as I did in India. You can probably tell from my burst bright orange dress in the pictures above. The colors of India is one of the main thing that attracted be to it and I was not disappointed in this regard. I was lucky enough to have meet a beloved kind hearted woman named Bridget Ganguly who took me shopping for Sari tops and helped me hemm my Saris I had bought in Haridwar. And even showed me how to tie it!


All in all India is a mind blowing place! I am more than grateful for the grace to have lived and fulfilled my dreams of India beyond my wildest expectations!

Would I go back?? I tell everyone in 10 years, a private jet and red carpet. And I kinda mean it! …. I think

So here is the final   starting round up of my #30daysinIndia travel series. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel and don’t miss out of the rest of the travel vlog series! Also plenty more gist coming in my nappy diaries!


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