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Wagwan Nappyboos,

Long time no gwan here on the blog. After almost 365 days around the sun again, we’re older, wise and smarter, I’d like to believe. How has 2019 been for you? I’d very much like to read your experience in the comments below because I’m about to nutshell my year 2019 in this post.


My 2019 was aaaammmaaazzz-


Actually I think everything that happens to me is amazing, a fun habit I’ve grown, thanks to my super optimistic outlook on life. But that’s not how life truly is all the time innit?



Photography: Aghogho Otega

Growth is a very beautiful phenonenum. We all live for it.

2019, the year of  living my Truth. It was also a year of many firsts for me.


Truth be told my year 2019 was extremely peaceful. This was my year of accepting many truth about myself, and making new choices based on those truths. I think this is in order because I’ve heard people say as you grow older you become more accepting about things you cannot change in life. I guess that’s also why it’s difficult for older people to change habits or form new ones. Regardless of what they say, I’m in my own lane as usual. Here’s how my 2019 was different from yours,


In 2019,

-January: Moved back home to Lagos from living and working in New York for 2years. Loced my Mushu (Natural Hair).Wrote my first children’s book, launched on amazon THE BLACK BEETLE AND THE MEANING OF LIFE

-February: Design and Product developed for Nappyese. Introduced and marketed Nuskin products and business building opportunity (to you I presume :), Nappy-Thrift Pop Up/Meet&Greet



-March: Worked on and created my first single


-April: Moved into my own apartment on Lagos Island

-May: Performed my music for the first time

Ese Otobo Performance at Vibe Tribe Collective Anniversary

-June: Worked on More Music: 4 more singles, Marketed Nappyoga service



-July: Worked on and created my first headwrap collection and Yoga fitness wear

-August: Visualized, wrote and developed a business plan for Nappyese, created lots of supporting brand content and sought grants

-Jan-September: For the first time in 7years, I lived my best slow paced life, not worrying about being judged my the way I look to earn a living, not having to face rejection from brands and clients based on the way that I look, not having to run from casting to casting and stand in line with numerous girls trying to book the same job, not having to deal with racist clients, discriminating jealous angry bookers, not having to worry about my weight, being able to eat what I want. Went to the beach, roller skated for the first time, made new friends that actually care about supporting one another goals, yay me!

-October: Exporting my head wraps for the first time to some amazing Nappyboos in the U.S ( they know themselves)


-November: Visiting Senegal for the first time. Made new Business Partner&Guarantor. Performing my first EP Listening. Started my new book.

-December: Taught yoga at my new Nappyoga space. Got a new Kitten called Nuka Bo.



It was hard remembering to write down all the things I was grateful for like we planned to do with the challenge, simply because there is always so much to be thankful for. I’d be writing or hours everyday and that would be painful, but see how I listed my big wins above? I clearly remember them even without writing them down prior, and that’s how it is when you meditate on gratitude everyday

All in all the challenge was really easy for me, I have been living in the attitude of gratitude these past 7 years while my life has changed drastically season after season. Even in the dry times, gratitude kept me afloat. They say it take 7 years of constitency for one to become a master of something. Guess you can call me a master of Gratitude. This year abundance flowed, Everything I touched worked out and yielded fruit, strangers I didn’t know from Adam did things for me, worked with me, supported me. I don’t remember a single moment this year when I felt worry or fear about starting out my life choices all over again in Lagos, and so far everything has worked out well.

Ese Otobo performing at INNER PEACE EP LISTENING #nappyesemusic #gratitude

Ese Otobo performing at INNER PEACE EP LISTENING #nappyesemusic

Gratitude increased my boldness and bravery, allowing me to march into territories I’ve never been on before (like recording and performing my own songs)  knowing fully well that even if it didn’t work out (which it always will) I still have a lot of many other little things in life to be grateful for.  

Gratitude taught me patience and endurance during the times when I cried this year from the stress of growing pains and re-adjusting to create a new system for myself and my brand (Lagos Living ain’t easy)

Gratitude gave me hope, for when I remember the small things, I know I can reach the big things too!

Did you live in an attitude of gratitude this year? Did you join the challenge? Do you notice changes? How did your life change?


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Happy New Year my Nappyboo!


Welcome to 2019!! Our year of shmoneyy, abundance and gratitude!!!!

I started off the year right by going to a Vinyasa yoga donation based class right in my neighborhood of the Bronx. And now I am munching down on my freshly prepared Nigerian Jollof rice with sweet plantains fried by my lovely roomate whom I am intensely grateful for on my first day of gratitude 🙂

So we ended 2018 with gratitude by counting down 10days into the New Year! And I realized, hang on, I am not ready to stop this. Writing down my feeling of gratitude on my instagram grid was very very refreshing and helped me feel very very good. Yes I am writing ‘very’ twice and its intentional because I can’t emphasize enough! Writing what I am grateful for each day has literally helped me push my negative emotions even further down the black hole all because I have that one ray of gratitude to focus on and compare it to!!! And boy do I have plenty to be grateful for



I consider myself to be a very grateful person, but I have not tasked myself till now to be dedicated to meditating on gratitude day in and day out. This my beautiful nappyboo is the purpose of this challenge.

Every great leader who knows secrets to the Universe will tell you time and time again that gratitude is truly the way to bring in more abundance. Did you see my list for what I chose for myself 2019? I am definitely going to be needing some gratitude to ground me as I get these here nappy bags for 2019. I said to myself, I want to be a rich as Rhianna by 25. I turn 25 in 18days!! Am I anywhere near achieving this goal? YES!! (by faith) and I have 364 days more to bring it into reality!!

I would love for you to join me on this challenge! Let me be your guide and let’s walk the walk of gratitude 2019 together and keep each other accountable to feeling good!


The only rule to this challenge is that you write out clearly whatever it is you are grateful for somewhere where you can see it often. And I think for all of us this pace is on our mobile phones.

How many hours a day do we spend on social media, blog and everywhere else focusing our energy into watching peoples lives? Sometimes wishing we had the things they have?  

Therefore I would highly suggest that we all take at least 15-30 mins a day writing up a beautiful post of gratitude and posting it on you instagram or facebook wall #365daysofGratitude2019 and tag @nappyese in it. Involve your friends and family because this is beneficial for everyone!!

Tag your Family and Friends!

Tag mention them in your comments under every of your post and be proud that you are being a positive influence in their life. I cannot imagine right now where we will be in our lives with God the Universe after we fill up our emotional being with with 365 days of being thankful for every little thing. I promise you it will be right there with all of our good heart desires.


Just Write it!

Just write whatever positive feeling you have towards gratitude no matter ho small or how silly or unworthy you think it is, it counts! because every positive emotion counts! And it dosen’t have to be things from the present, you can write down past experiences that also made you feel good and manifest those feelings again!! I will be your guide through this Gratitude Walk 2019 so don’t worry! we have each other to keep accountable. 365 days is a long time, but by the time we are done our gratitude muscle will be so huge!! That we will be living very much in the magic of life! I will also follow up with quarterly posts to re-reiterate and how we are doing.

I am excited!!!! What do you think of this ideas. Is it a fun challenge? What do you think we will learn?

Are you ready?? One………, Two……….,




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