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Wagwan Nappyboos! Welcome back to the blog. Outchea on nappyese, we are all about being kinky. In the nappiest sense of the word lol. But I think our curly hair sisters also have something to say about hair! We caught up here with the stunning Annabelle Lyttle.

Hi Annabelle! Can we meet you?

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Curly or straight, both are great 🙃

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Hi! I’m Annabelle. I was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Growing up, I split my time between PA and New Mexico from the ages 15-19, and completed a year of study at New Mexico State University for Theatre Arts. After my first year of college, I dropped out to pursue modeling in NYC. I finally moved to the city in 2011, and have lived here ever since. In my time here, I have been signed to multiple agencies, domestic and international, continued my study of acting and performance, and worked at various restaurants around Manhattan and Brooklyn. In my downtime, I love reading, baking, hanging out with my cat, and falling down internet rabbit holes.

I loved working with you on set! How long have you been a model and an actor?

It was so great working with you too! I have been a model for about 7 years professionally. I got started with it when I was about 14, but I start the clock around the time I moved to NYC. I have been acting since I was very young. I always did the school plays, I competed in theatre competitions, and won an Acting scholarship. I can’t say that I’ve begun my professional acting career yet, but it’s slowly coming along. I’m about to wrap my first indie film in a few weeks.

Do you have your beautiful curls straightened a lot at work? If so, do you get heat damage and how do you deal with it

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Windswept. #redhead #hair #wind #beauty #makeup

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Ugh, yes. At one point, an agency I was signed with had advised me to ONLY wear my hair straight to castings. I can’t tell you how much time I wasted straightening my hair. I even did one of those at home, straightening perms. My hair was almost always straightened for shoots as well. Thankfully, my curls bounced back. I treat my ends with Moroccan Oil a couple times a month, and use shampoos and conditioners that don’t contain any parabens or sulfates.

Was it easy to transition into acting as a model?

My transition from modeling to acting is slowly starting to begin. Acting has kind of always been waiting in the wings for me, I just need to take the leap and commit to it. I’ll probably make the official segue within a year, and get back into an acting class and try to find representation.

Do you face any challenges as a curly hair model?

I think the main challenge is the assumption that curly hair is difficult to work with. I’ve gone to castings with my hair pulled back in a sleek bun, and then showed up to the job with my curly hair. I can always see the somewhat panicked look on the hair stylists face, or the client will make a comment like, “Oh, we didn’t know you had curly hair…” as if it was the biggest inconvenience in the world. I’m fortunate that my hair does straighten easily, so it hasn’t been too much of a hindrance. I do believe that there needs to be further education for hair stylists to know how to style all textures of hair.

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Free Plane ticket to your desired destination. Where would you go?

It’s so cliche, but I would love to go to either Bali or Mykonos.

What are your goals with both careers?


My goals for modeling are to become the face of a makeup or skincare brand, and to do as many editorials as possible. My goals for acting are to play as many different types of characters that I can. I want to be versatile, and not locked into just one genre of film. Right now I’m focusing on indie films, but eventually I’d love to go out for feature films and possible TV shows or a Netflix Original.


Curly or straight?


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Work that updo.

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Most times I’m strictly a curly girl, if I wear my hair down. I only ever wear it straight if I have to for work.

DIY or Products?

I’ve never tried any DIY hair hacks, so I only use products 🙂


Who are your Role Models?

My role models are Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Michelle Obama, Meryl Streep, and Mel Robbins.

Holy Grail Hair products?

DevaCurl Supercream is LIFE CHANGING!


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, I see myself working a job I love, either modeling or acting or some new pursuit. I see myself knowing and loving exactly who I am and what I stand for.

You have all the power in the entire Universe for one day. What would you change?


If I had all the power in the universe for one day, I would change peoples ability to listen. I see so much of just shouting our opinions at each other without actually taking the time to hear what anyone we disagree with is saying. I believe that in order to find a solution to a problem, we have to communicate, and hear each other out. It may not fix everything, but it will establish a common ground to build upon.
Thank you for chatting with us Annabelle. You are so stunning, I couldn’t stop looking through your instagram! You also have a lovely soul and personality. I wish you many successes in all you endeavors!
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