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NappySkin: African Black Soap, Why Black don’t crack

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Watagwan nappyboo!

Here’s an awesome informative most on African Black soap. This is my favorite thing to use to wash my skin, then afterwards I apply either any carrier oil Sesame Seed Oil or African Shea Butter, or coconut oil depending on the weather.

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I try to stick very much to using all natural ingredients inside and outside of my body. My skin is smooth, shiny and even complexioned. I get complimented by makeup artist all the time and thank God for all those beauty job in the bag with top beauty brands like Mac, Tom Ford, Laura Mercier etc. Apart from the occasional hormonal and stressed related acne spot, my skin stays pretty clear.

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African Black Soap : Benefits, Ingredients and Side effects

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Drinking water is hands down the number one way to gorgeous skin. And its not just a glass or two, nor doctor scheduled 6 glasses a day. I mean gallons, but of course start with a glass or two more of what you drink already.

When my skin is dehydrated my skin looses its elasticity and I see myself visibly age. Its goes back to normal ones I’m in a balanced state of hydrating and preserving the moisture in my skin after every bath.

The body is like a plant. The more you care for it the more everything in your lives become balanced. Incorporating healthy self-care practices can help you live a wholesome life.




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