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NAPPYSTYLE SUMMER 2018 ft Ankle Express

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Wagwan my nappyboo,

What’s popping with you? Yasss! Nappyese is 2!! Things are lit! I mean its summer again in New York City who can complain?? You know me! Gratitude will now and forever be my first born child. I am super glad again for the heat, my dear this past winter was brutal. I’m growing to love this city more every single day, but I dare say I can’t stand it when its cold. So from next winter amma be chasing the Sun! Life is too short to not be in your natural element when the Universe has blessed us with abundance of variety and space.

Welcome to NappyStyle 2018!! I decided to go the photography route this time instead of a video like last years’ summer style post. Cos a gyal’s insta gotta stay winning! And taking photos instead of a style vlog allows me to use them for the gram. Yes! For the gram! The hustle real outchea!!

Watch my last style vlog:

This year I really feel I’ve started to truly come into my own style. I get inspiration from others but I’m not really looking to see who’s wearing what and letting that influence my style.Visiting India this past April has definitely influenced my style heavily this summer and most probably for the rest of the year. So color blocking is in!

Bright orange, yellow and fushia summer dress from India

I told myself I have more than enough clothes and aiint it the truth! I packed up 3 whole suitcase of clothes I have grown out of. I’m legit thinking of starting up a Nappybootique back home in Lagos (no jokes). So I decided this for this summers style, I would simply settle for a couple of sneakers and a few more accessories into my summer 2018 style. I’ve always loved bright colors, but India has re-enriched my life with colors.




BRI BRI BELT. Click to shop


Cowrie Earcuffs from Bellace Jewels. Fulani earrings from Kpelle designs

Nyri Earrings and fairy arm cuff from Fandjanm

I’m the queen of wanting to stand out and being different. Thrift store shopping is my thing and i’ll never turn my nose up at hand me downs. Not only is it sustainable for the planet, its also affordable. Forever grateful to superwoman Bridget Ganguli for blessing me with beautiful gold Indian sari tops. They rock! and they’re awesome for pairing with jeans or just a plain pair of bottoms.

Major Key Ankh ring from Afrohemian

This summer, I have also had the great pleasure of partnering with a preety cool sock brand called Ankle Express. They sent me a couple of super cool sock to brighten up my style even more!


“Whats becoming very obvious to me is that fashion is art”


Celtic Peacock Florida sock and laces from Ankle Express. Click this image to shop


 Thula Sindi Batik Dress 

Thula Sindi Batik Dress

The one and only expensive piece in my wardrobe this season is this Thula Sindi designer dress. I’ve had this dress for about 3 years now but i’ve never really worn it. Well, its popping this season 😉 Colors colors and more colors!!!


The best thing I loved about this summers style is crochet. Yes! Crochet. Living in bikinis in the summer months, crochet is the next best. And I am talking about no other than at the hand of muto crotchet! Hand made with love with neat and seamless finish, this brown crotchet dress gave me all type of feels! Let me know in the commets if you would like my secrets to staying decent under this meshy attire.


Dark Brown Crochet dress by Muto Crotchet, Aaya (Fern) Necklace and Earrings from Afrohemien

Not only does the color match perfectly with my skin for that sexy, confident neutral/nude look, It’s mesh makeup allows for cool and breezy feels through the warm days.


Clear and nude heels from DSW


Nappystyle Blue-Green matching setpiece by Muto Crotchet. Click this image to shop

Blue-Green matching set piece by Muto Crotchet. Click this image to shop


Steel arm cuffs from India

Dress down or up with a pair of sandals or heels


Blue beeded Jhumka earrings long Click this image to shop

Blue beaded Jhumka earrings. Click this image to nappyshop  


I’ve always had a quirky style. Yasss to socks and sandals! In this case ankle express and heels. If you’re a dare devil like me cop yourself a pair of Wrapping Pharaoh’s Marmalade sock from Ankle Express, made for the soles of a queen (and kings of course!). The trick to wearing sock with sandal/heels is simply to rock your vibe! Just like Luipta Nyongos’ infamous quote

“Whats becoming very obvious to me is that fashion is art”

So create your art with Ankle Express and rock it boo. Walk with you head high and proud. Keep in mind that not everyone will get your vibe and that’s ok! 


Wrapping Pharaoh’s Marmalade sock from Ankle Express. Click to shop

Also ankara print outfits till the end of time! I’m a star baby! Shoutout to my baby sister Philomena Otobo for copping me this cute star akara print.

Wrapping Pharaoh’s Marmalade sock from Ankle Express

Wrapping Pharaoh’s Marmalade sock from Ankle Express. Click to shop

Photo credits:

Obi Abili

Yoniqua Yougblood

Jesse Kulawole Williams


That’s all for this summer’s nappystyle boo. All of these outfits will be mixed, match and layered to protect my skin in the colder winter months. You can check out my style of layering for fall and winter in my previous style posts;


I hope you enjoyed these images. Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. Check out all the amazing new accessories in our new nappy shop. Be reminded there are lots of cool new giveaways + more of my style on my social pages. Subscribe to my Youtube channel NAPPYESE TV, lots of exciting heart thumping visuals coming soon (like me singing in the subways of nyc ;), and heads ups on my #30daysinIndia Vlog series.

See you soon and Cassh you on the gram!




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