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My Nappy People!!! Its been a minute! How are you and what’s going on with you? How has the start of 2017 been for you? I hope you’ve been taking the bull by the horn and throwing it down like I have!

Its been hella craaaazzzzyyy over on my side as you probably know if you follow me on my social pages. I’ve just moved to New York City!!! About a week aagoooooo ⇒flexes arms in dance motion⇐ loolzz

Its a huge deal for me and I’m sure for anyone who ups and uproots herself from the comfort and stability she has built over the past 3years, and braves it to work for bigger and better things. Like walking down Victoria Secret Runway

with her glorious Afro <insert stars in eyes>

So No, I’ve not been slacking or neglecting you. Just a little pause– to make Bold steps so we can do BIGGER things! I cherish  you for reading this blog , my you-tube subscribers I see you guys and also everyone following my journey on my Instagram. I see the comment there, your hello and the smiley face and I appreciate it all ♥♥. Your encouragement, love and support is helping me grow everyday.

I also just turned 23! whew! Life has been happening! And like I promised in my January Essentials/Capricorn Season post I made a special get to know me tag on my YouTube with my twin sister! Yes you read right. She is the special person I was talking about 😉 In case you missed it on the 19th. Check it out down below and hit the Subscribe button to get free updates on all new videos on NAPPYESE TV. I only need 3 more subscribers to get to my first 100 subscribers!!  YASS!


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It hasn’t been an easy journey, but this is Life. Everyone has a story, and this is mine.

Don’t let anyone tell you what can and cannot do! You got the power inside you to have, do or be anything you want! You just have to choose. I believe in the Law of Attraction and the power of GRATITUDE! This is how I live my Life.

LIFE is beautiful! And LOVE is everything. Love for yourself, Love for those around you, Love for the Earth, Love for the Universe, Love for Life. Let your thoughts focus on positivity only and be happy and grateful in every moment/situation you find yourself in. It might be difficult at first because LIFE, but gradually it will become easier 🙂

Everything is ENERGY

What you put out to the UNIVERSE is what you will receive. Read my post on How I live my Life to learn more about the Law of Attraction and How I apply it to my life.


Love and Nappiness


  • Oneisha
    September 28, 2017

    Hi Ese!

    I just found you after you posting your story on The Secret website. Can I just say that your story brought tears to my eyes? You truly are inspirational and I wish you nothing but the best in life. I’m going to go and look at all of your blog posts and videos now <3

  • Julia Otobo
    October 23, 2017

    Thank you for stopping by sweetheart. It really warms my heart! Enjoy and connect with me on Instagram! Lets be friends

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