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Wagwan Nappyboos!

What’s popping?

My whole life right now my boos, my whole life. These past few months have been super duper eventful in every way shape and form for me. You really don’t want to know, but i’ll tell you anywayz. If you also really want to know in detail, the crazy life of a traveling young African woman trying to make it in the big bad world as a model, entrepreneur and now business woman, boo I’m also here for it. This space NAPPYESE is very much real and we’re not going anywhere anytime soon! We are here for Life!  All of it, and there’s no stopping us!

As I always say, I’m only a tap away by email, social media: Instagram (I’m here everyday), Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, even Youtube! I am always opening to meeting new people, making acquaintances, friends and learning new things. Feel free to share sometime with me if you wish. I am grateful for all my special nappyboos who have now become friends. with me through this journey of mine as a creator and social media influencer. I have identified my purpose as connecting with souls across the universe, creating spaces for authentic beauty, love, happiness, joy and peace. I am God’s gift to the World.

Long story short this hustling is not stopping anytime soon. And next up on our list of things to conquer together is this amazing opportunity with Maxim! I vaguely remember entering for this same competition a couple years ago. But life had other roads for me to plough first, and with more people to meet. But finally here we are again 🙂




I need all of you nappyboos to vote for me once every 24hours to win the coveted spot as a Maxim Magazine cover girl. The winner gets $25000 and a cover shoot with Maxim Magazine! And I would love to add you to my private whatsapp voting squad group. We are already up to fifth from 13th! And voting only just started. YASSSS!



I really want us to make this happen. Let’s level up together, reach out and join my nappy squad for maxim!

 The money I win will help pay for a green card for longer stay here in the states, cover plenty expenses for me and family back home and the rest will go into creating more merch and products for our nappy shop!

I’m excited!!!!! Feel free to enter this amazing opportunity as well if it suits your fancy and best of luck!!

Thank you for all your support on my Journey. Casssh yyou sooon!






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