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[Disclaimer] This is not another shop on amazon blog post. This is an honest review of MY experience.

Yes you read right! I shopped my Essential Oils off Amazon. And I don’t regret it!


Here’s How;

First off,

Shopping gives me a headache. Decisions Decisions! I like options, but we can all agree too many options can be a pain in the butt ,loolz . Coupled with the fact that I’m short sighted and need eyeglasses to see anything  more than 2 feet ahead of me properly. I can just forget all about visiting a store the day I decide to forget my glasses at home.Yup! HEAD-ACHE.

Shopping Essential Oils online has been a no-go area for many online-shoppers with valid reasons too! Essential oils need to be pure and of therapuetic grade( aka no fakes, no dilution) for it work its magic. With no regulatory body to certify essential oils, the no of fake schemes are on the high side. But I figured my way around it and got excellent results.


I researched; 

Prevention.com gave me 7 Signs to tell Your Essential Oils Are Fake


theHippyhomemaker.com said

-your essential oil label should say 100% pure and not “blend” or “with jojoba/almond” as that means they are already diluted and not just pure essential oil. According to The East-West School For Herbal and Aromatic Studies, some of the qualities that you want to look for in an essential oil supplier are:

  •  the supplier is on the small size and not a large corporation.
  • supplier is owned by an aromatherapy practitioner or essential oil specialist
  • the supplier has relations with his/her distillers, if possible
  • a supplier who has a strong unquestioned noncontroversial reputation in the field
  • a supplier who has preferably been in the field for a number of years and is well known to other aromatherapy practitioners and/or educators



I decided on a brand called Radha beauty. Did more re-search on them and locked in the sale on Amazon. I went with their Top 16 Essential Oil pack to try out new different oils other than my usual Rosemany, Tea-Tree and Peppermint

Watch my quick unboxing video;

There’s more! Keep reading below;

5 Legit reasons to shop on Amazon


This point is needless to say because it is the whole convenience of Shopping Online.

BONUS: No heaaches from squinting to read names&labels


At this point I probably sound like an Amazon sales pitch person, lol but NO. I’ve shopped Amazon many times, and never once experienced delayed delivery.


It definitely helpful to hear what other people think about a product before deciding. Reviews are my No 1 indicator whether or not to shop a product.


I was able to knock a couple bucks off my order by going with the frequently bought together program. And also ended up with the Radha Beauty Colorful Aromatheraphy Essential Oil Diffuser. Seriously I’ve been sleeping on myself not getting a diffuser since day one. I am absolutely in love with it!! My room smells like a garden patch and it even doubles as a cool lamp. I also found that Amazon offers cheaper prices versus buying directly from the manufacturer site


Amazon offers free shipping on products over $25, and free returns on product(s) fulfilled by Amazon. If the bottle seals were broken, or some other disaster. I knew I could get a free return 🙂


Lastly from Healedherbs.com;

Essential Oil Scams and Schemes

There are two very important things to questions when buying essential oils on Amazon:

  1. Am I buying the essential oils directly from the company?
  2. Has my essential oil been tampered with?

The first question can help answer the second question (but not always). If you are buying directly from reputable essential oil companies you can pretty much ensure that you’re getting the real deal – pure and uncut – but like I said, this isn’t always the case

One piece of advice to help make a safe purchase is to check who the Amazon seller is. This can sometimes be misleading if you’re not accustomed to Amazons product page layout. Often you will see a products manufacturer listed, but more often than that, they are not the ones who are actually fulfilling the order.

Instead of relying on the manufacturers name, check to the right for the re-seller and check on their reviews to see if they are reputable or not by clicking their name.





I hope this guide helps all my 21 century Nappy Shoppers out there. If you have shopped Essential Oils online what was your experience?? Share with us in the comment box below

P.S: Product Review on Radha Beauty Essential Oil&Diffuser coming soon!








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