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How NOT to Perm Rod on Short 4C HAIR. 3 common Mistakes to Avoid

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Watagwan Nappy Peeps!

Welcome back to the Blog.

I’m sharing today 3 common mistakes (almost) everybody makes when trying Perm Rod Curls for the first time on 4c hair.

For all my visual peeps. Click the video below to watch the full Perm Rod Tutorial. If you no get money for data ( isorrait) biko  scroll down and keep reading



Perm Rod Curl on Short 4C HAIR.

3 common Mistakes to Avoid

HOW NOT TO PERM ROD ON 4C HAIR. 3 COMMON MISTAKES -NAPPYESEWhen these 3 mistakes are  avoided, you are 99.9% guaranteed popping curls on your first perm Rod set.  Mushu and I have learnt to co-operate and slay after a minute battle. So I’m here to save you some stress

I tried 3times to get the Perm Rod Curls and Luckily got it right on my 3rd. Hence I will divide this lesson into 3 experiments( cos black hair is a science lol) and concluded with the mistakes&Lesson.




As I was JJC (Jolly Just Come), I was curious to know which product would best fit for perm rod curls. I styled one half of my Hair with the Taliah Waajid Curl Curling Cream and the other half with Lotta Body Foaming Muse.

My first and biggest mistake was taking down the rod when Mushu was not fully dry. (it is very easy to deceive yourself. This is not a rush rush hairstyle. It requires planning)

LESSON 1; Give yourself enough time for curls to dry before take-down

It turns out Curling Cream’s are not the greatest to Perm Rod with, leave them for the Bantu-knot outs. The Foaming Mousse was a much better option with perm rods for my 4c hair

LESSON 2; Use a proper styling product. Preferably a foaming Mousse.

Creme of Nature foaming mousse VS Taliah Waajid Curling Curl Cream for Perm Rod Curls



On my next try I went just with the foaming Mousse. This time using the Creme of Nature Argan Oil foaming Mousse. I got closer to winning but because I styled over the products from my first try, I didn’t get as musch definition as nearly possible. That was my 3rd mistake.

LESSON 3; Start out Perm Rods on clean Damp/Dry Hair.


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On my 3rd try, my mistakes were clear and I finally managed to get Mushu to pop some Perm Rod curls for Afro Punk.


In Summary:

  1. Make Sure you Start out on Squeaky Clean Dry/Damp Hair. If you do the LOC wait a day or two for your hair to absorb and dry out the products. You can apply a light oil to protect you hair over that.
  2. Use proper styling product. Preferably a foaming mousse. Not Curling cream Custard or gels
  3. Only take down Perm Rods when Curls are fully Dry. If you think your curls are not dry you are probably right. Wait a few more hours or use a dryer.


These are the 3 steps I stick to that  can guarantee me almost perfect perm rod curls. Of course every individuals hair structure is unique, but differences to these rules would only vary a few decimeters apart.

Bonus Tips:

-When you Wrap around on the Rods, just wrap straight up. You don’t need to twist or roll it to create the Curls

-Make sure all the ends of the hair is fully covered first when wrapping. DO not layer the hair on on spot on the rod. Start wrapping from one side to the other and spread the hair all over the rod. This is will help with drying time and also prevent the curls from clumping.





That’s it for today. Thanks for reading through my crazy formula and science report. lol

Cassshh you on the next post.

Have you tried Perm Rods curls before? What was your experience?


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