#HAIRSPIRATION OF THE MONTH: South African Youtuber Vuyo Morgan

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Watagwan Nappy Peeps! Welcome back to the blog.

Our #Hairspiration of the Month on this blessed week is the stunning South African Youtuber Vuyo Morgan!


Vuyo Morgan

Her glowing smile, skin, hair, not to mention her electrifying personality are just a few of the reasons why we will be needing some Vuyo Morgan Therapy on our screens. She also shares her Natural Hair Care routine and protective stying tips catering to Type 4(c)hair on her Channel.

These late nights have had me binge watching her videos searching for some protective style inspo for the fast approaching winter months here in NYC. And I’m high key about to go for the Jumbo twists I saw in her recent video. If you are searching for a light weight protective style this spring in SA, you best be joining #TeamVuyoMorgan.



Lets get to know her below;


Hi can we meet you?

Hello there. My name is Nomvuyo and I am a young soul. I’m the most sociable introvert you’ll ever meet so beware of getting too close because you might catch the crazy fever. I love hair and everything God given (90% food that is) and black women, and undiscovered beauty and and and…


 Tell us about BraidsbyVuyo?

I started BraidsbyVuyo in my first year of university (2015) because leaving home to live alone in the wild, my parents laughed at the concept of giving me pocket money that doesn’t involve keeping me alive and passing school (which I’m thankful for because I would have probably been a brat if I was 100% dependant on them).

Braids by Vuyo

So, I needed ways to make money on my own terms so that I could feel as close to an “adult” as possible. After some nagging from my friends, whom I braided in my spare time, I decided to finally make a business out of my braiding skills and experimental nature. I did this for 2 years and was surprised as to how many black girls, men and women were craving to finally experiment with different hairstyles but were unable to because at the time, hairstyles like faux locs, marley twists, crochet and colourful yarn braids were scarce in South Africa. Luckily that came to my advantage and the long often 12-hour shifts during my school recesses were worth it. Now being in my 3rd year, I’ve had to take a year-long recess from braiding due to the increased academic pressure which does break my heart, but my new-found love for vlogging and sharing information has filled that void.


How long have you been Natural, briefly take us through your natural hair journey?


5 Years, 3Big CHops

It’s been approx. 5 years with 3 big chops since then. I transitioned for a year and a half to my first BC in February 2013. I was new to the YouTube natural hair community so I blindly followed hair routines of people who had curly type ‘fros, which wasn’t an absolute train smash because I at least got a kickstart into the natural hair community using their tips. I was natural for 12 months until I grew frustrated of my damaged 4c kinks and decided to BC completely in 2013 and boy did I love the short ‘baldesque’ life. I continued to grow my hair for 2 years and still incurred damage I got my 3rd BC to enter my 1st year of uni with some spice and it was liberating. Since then I decided to thoroughly get to know my beautiful 4c kinks and what they actually needed, which aided to growing patience and love for my hair journey, a subsequent success. Now bordering the 3 years since my last BC, I’m reminiscing on how easily I used to give up on myself and where I am now. Yes, it gets frustrating with all that detangling and long wash days, it is still a pleasant reminder that the riches that God has blessed us with, require love and consistent tending. That is what I consider to be a successful natural hair journey, a fruitful one.

 Favourite or Holy Grail Products?

WATER, the ol’ Cantu Leave-in repair cream, olive oil, African Black Soap, DIY protein deep conditioners and The Moisture Factory
“That Gel”. The less, the better. It’s all about cleanliness and moisture.


Box Braids or Faux Locs?

Box braids for the Summer, Faux locs for the cold lazy winter months.


 You have an electrifying personality, have you always been the cool girl?

Thank you so much for appreciating my queer persona but the answer to the question is a BIG FAT ZERO. I was extremely quiet and awkward in my late primary school and early high school years. I was quite sensitive and I had overactive tear ducts. But thankfully being in university and constant exposure to a spectrum of personas, I have learnt that I have a burning desire to share (sometimes overshare) my thoughts and opinions once I feel safe to do so. However, I believe that God is grooming me to step out of my comfort zone so I can start to unapologetically be who He calls me to be, and that I’m still learning through faith and prayer.


What does being Natural mean to you?

Natural means love without vanity. So, if you love who you are and what you represent, without needing to be fuelled by vanity and praises then you are a natural that cannot be tainted or consumed.


What is your favorite hairstyle to rock?

The notorious afro puff. It feels like an untouchable crown!

You have a free Plane Ticket. Where would you go?

Senegal. I have no idea why but my spirit is so drawn to that country and our continent in general. Europe, Asia and the Americas don’t need me, my beloved Africa does.

 Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself working hard in whatever it is that brings me joy so that I can reap the fruits in my motherhood years for my children and family, while serving God in all of that.

Big Chop or Transition

Big Chop. A lot of people say whatever that feels comfortable but I believe that a Big Chop allows you to bond and grow with your hair in a way that transitioning can’t.

Thank you for Joining us Vuyo!! We’ve loved hearing from you! Keep up the good work♥


If you are low key as in love as I am you can find Vuyo here :

Instagram : @VuyoMorgan

Youtube: @Vuyo Morgan



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