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It’s not even summer! Yet #blackgirlmagic is glittering the floors of our realities with gold and rainbow dust.

-Enter Susy the Purple Unicorn!

The No1 Hairstylist slaying the game left right center in the U.S. Beyonce, Solange and Zoe Kravitaz can tesifty. She’s slayed their braids!!! I came across one of susy’s photos on one of my many missions on Instagram. I had reposted one of her striking images, because I believed in her captions. That was the day I became an avid follower of in Susy’s ever shining and colorful world. I’m so glad she made some time to catch up with us!


Hi Susy! Can we meet you?

Yes of course! I am Susan Oludele aka Africancreature,  a Liscenced Cosmetologist , Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, Business Owner . Creator of Lemonade Braids, wavy braids, and more.


Your positive energy and your light is so contagious! Even from afar. How was it like for you growing up?

It was so hard! I grew up always misunderstood, never had friends, I had a hard knocked life.  Life is crazy! But God always shows up and shows out. I didn’t know that God had a plan for me and I am proud that I can be here to share my story

Created by Hair by Susy

When did you discover your nack for hairstyling?

I started doing hair at 9 and at 11 years old I started taking it seriously.

What motivates you everyday?

God motivates me and my friends and family! I try to keep being positive and surround myself around good energy! 😎💎

Have you always been Natural?

I’ve always been natural until one day in high school I permed my hair and chopped it off bald a month later. I wanted to mimic the hair boxes I saw in the store.but I had to realize that in order to be different you have to be yourself. I chopped it off and that was it!!!!!!!!

Please tell us about Your Vision Board class and HairbySusyevents

Hairbysusy created the vision board class because we believe we inspire all of our clients on a daily basis to chase their dreams become an entrepanuer or follow a passion. We decided to convert that talk into a class to help encourage people and give them a road map to success. We created hairbysusy events because we have been notified that people love to be apart of hairbysusy & we  want to carry it out in the community world.

Who are your Role Models?

-God, myself & My mom is my inspiration!!!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Multi – millionaire, possibly billionaire  in the west coast in LA sipping pina coloda and managing my business, schools, self published author, public speaker to the mass, spreading awareness on suicide and social injustice. being Great & making life work for itself


You have all the power in the entire Universe for one day. What would you change?

I would take away the power from every body in the White House and build my own cabinet. I would create a budget for affordable health care for people who make under a certain amount . Elect the police system to Go over all of the inmates cases to see who has been in prison unlawfully. Create jobs for the people who have been incarcerated & ways they can be their own bosses. Go over the education system and putting In a better system to learn about credit, financial advisory, teach kids how to learn a trade and etc. I would also change the immigration laws to maybe whoever comes to work in America has to work here under a certain time & after they have to show what they have done In America within that 2 years.

If not they would have to leave or set up a 5 year  plan that would make sense to stay. I would allow rich people to keep their money but they would have to agree to donate 30% of their money to a charity that they do not own or a charity that helps the youth, the community they lived in, homelessness or a cause they support the most. I would change the welfare & food stamps to instead of giving them free food and housing. You would have to work at a store In Your community in order to get the food stamps and welfare. 

-Hmmn! She is ready!!



We can’t get enough of you Susy, Please bless our #Nappyboos with more words of inspiration. For those who would like to follow in your footsteps.

Take care of yourself, sometimes your parents are right they just want the best for you! Follow your dreams even if they sound crazy! God knows your heart! Dream big and never stop believing In Yourself 
You heard her Nappyboos! Thank you for taking time to bless us with your words Susy and being our #hairspiration of the month. We wish you all of the very best in all your endeavor. Find Susy at her website hairbysusy.com
Live to Inspire!

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