December Essentials: Natural Hair Things I am loving

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Here are Natural Hair Things my Mushu and I are loving this December!







I have recently included Lavender, Peppermint and Tea-Tree essential Oils in my hair and skin care regimen. You can read on the different types of Natural Oils & the benefits of including them in your regimen here.

And I finally took down my locs!!!


Black hair grows!!

From Left: August 2016-December 2016

Yasss! Look at that growth! This is actually my first comparison photo. My focus is more on the health and getting to know and understand my hair because I know once I master these, length is a given! And boy am I on the right track. It didn’t take more than my second ‘Big Chop’ to teach me this lesson (see my Natural Hair Journey here).

I’m so happy and so grateful, growing Black hair is a such a mission but photos like this is proof that all is not in vain. Protective styling for two months locs certainly contributed to my new growth. If I had my way I would protective style more often, but with my job as a model, eeish. I try not to style my hair when I don’t have to work to reduce mechanical damage. I’ve also stopped combing, unless I’m detangling (with loads of detangler&conditioner) and I do not heat style. Finger detangling and finger combing equals less breakage.


I’m currently trying to switch thing up and make wash day shorter, but until then. My steps are pretty much still the same. With the addition of my new essential oils of course 🙂

I experienced some matting where my new growth pushed out my loc braid. A result of  collected dust, oils and products from moisturizing. In the past I would have freaked out about this! Now I know there’s nothing a little water mixed citronella oil and detangler cannot fix. It took almost a week! lool (jokes) about 3-4 days to cleanse&moisturize Mushu back to normal (Thank you ancestors for head-wraps!!)

  • Scalp massage with Citronella&Lavender Oil mix
  • Overnight Pre-poo with the same mix+cheap conditioner( Do you Pre-poo? Benefits of Pre-poo)
  • Detangled with water+Shea Moisture Shea butter detangler+Citronella oil spray mix
  • Washed with Shea Moisture Shea Butter Shampoo
  • ACV rinsed
  • Deep Conditioned
  • And coffee rinsed
  • Sealed in the all the moisture with LOC method.

See I told you this took forever. For all the visual folks out there, you can watch wash tutorial on my you-tube channel.

My locs in for 2 month and I hardly experienced little breakage and hair loss. This is why it is so important to keep moisturizing your hair even while it is in protective styles. I moisturized my hair in my locs once every week, and I washed my scalp twice in two months.

Check out my video tutorials showing how to do these. Subscribe to my channel to get updates on my next videos. I will upload my new wash day and regimen soooon.



And CANTU yal!!!!!! This Leave-in conditioner made my hair feel some typa way ♥♥♥. My curls were popping for daayys. I proudly wore my shrinkage in an updo and didn’t even need to re-moisturize for a whole week. I will keep using and try more cantu products! And of course a product review is in order.

Top Left: before leave-in Others: After leave-in

Top Left: before leave-in Others: After leave-in

That’s my two cents for today. What is your hair currently loving?? Please share with a natural hair sista









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