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The Universe delivered my Mushu and me from regression. For real for real! All my 3 months of protective styling could’ve gone down the drain with the rest of my 3 years worth of growth! Scarry?? You bet!

More of that gist in  #6monthsprotectivestyle: 3MONTHS UPDATE

And this is how I delivered Mushu out of these box braids after 3month of protective styling



My ends were nicely finessing, but my roots were like bruh. Because new growth pushes the root and braids leaving your hair exposed. Dust, and Dirt, conditioner, oil.., lol you name it, all of this has coagulated to leave a nice chunk on tangle between your new growth and where your braid started. Do not be alarmed.






TEAZER/DETANGLER BRUSH (can also finger detangle)



In the old days I wash boujee. Flash back to December Essentials: Natural Hair Things I am loving

Where I did the whole shabang after taking down my faux locs. But this time products used:






These days I still do the same things without the fancy coffee rinsing. And I probably also should have ACV rinsed, but eh, Lazy Natural problems neh. At least I used the detox shampoo


After my scalp massage, (READ 5 REASONS TO SCALP MASSAGE), I wet air and Depp-conditioned to loosen the knots. The next morning when my hair was softer and moisturized, I proceeded to take each fairy knot with the needle.

Check out this video showing how I detangle using a needle.



I took about 3 detangling sessions to finally get all the shed hair out cos ain’t nobody gat time. If you can’t be patient enough to tangle each knot with each conscious breath please put it away and come back to it. My boo, there is a reason why headwraps exist other than to display beauty 😉 Just beware of your plastic cap slipping through you

I completed my wash and deep condition, and proceeded with a simple protein treatment. Mushu is back to normal.



Watch Quickest Way to Detangle 4c Hair (minimize breakage!) on YouTube








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WAKANDA FOREVER! Scroll down for giveaway details.

Are Black people magic? Yes we are!

In the spirit of black panther:


I hope we all have the courage to be Black Panthers at heart









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ends Feb 29


#HAIRSPIRATION OF THE MONTH: London Blogger Assumpta Vitcu

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Watagwan Nappy Peeps!

Welcome back to the blog, our Hairspiration for the new Month of February is the London based Blogger,Poet and sister Queen  Assumpta Vitcu



She’s been our Natural of the week on our Facebook group Naija Naturals where we shared her heart strung spoken poem. Why’s it so amazing, you ask??  See for your self here


Hi can we meet you?

Sure you can

I’ve literally been stalking your blog for weeks now, lol. How long have you been Blogging?

Haha! Hopefully that means you enjoyed it if you read for a week! I have been blogging for about 10 years but this is the 3rd blog I’ve had. My current blog – Me Today You Tomorrow has been a home for my thoughts, poetry, prose, life lessons and style posts since December 2014. 

When did you discover poetry?

In Primary School (Elementary School). I wrote my first poem when I was 7. I didn’t talk a lot when I was younger – I listened and observed far more than I spoke. Poetry (plus journaling and writing short stories) was how I expressed myself and got things off my mind.

Your Labour of Love Landscaping  spoken word piece struck multiple cords. How does it relate with life after “I DO” ?

The pressure never ends. Apart from the fact that I still have a number of single friends, so witness what they go through, even when you do get married, the next question is “when are you having children?” Most people mean well but one needs to be confident and know what you want and when you want it, otherwise you will never be happy and will always be kowtowing to other people’s expectations and desires.

Follow her on Instagram @assumpta_V

You and my twin sister both got married last year. Congrats! Give us a glimpse into your new world?

Thank you! Congrats to your twin sister also. Marriage has been awesome so far – I feel super blessed. That’s not to say that life / my new world is perfect. It isn’t and anyone who leads you to believe that it is selling you a dream. Marriage is not a magic wand. Having said that, I married my best friend – cliché but true. The strength of our friendship means that we have a lot of fun together. We’re a team and are understanding of each other’s needs, dreams, fears…the whole shebang! So to get to the point, my new world is awash with support, love, laughter (some tears), heightened goal setting, travel and lots of hugs.

How long have you been Natural? Briefly take us on your Natural Hair Journey?

Over five years. I returned to my natural hair unintentionally actually. I Just didn’t relax my hair within the time I normally would and decided to see how long I could stretch it for. After four or five months I figured I would transition – worst case scenario, I could also relax my hair if I wasn’t sold. Five and a half years later, here I am.

Name on thing you dislike about being Natural?

The time often involved! The texture of my hair (it is extremely coarse), means I cannot just get up and go as I could when my hair was relaxed. There is always some work involved to make it look presentable. Even when sporting my ‘messy’ afro, that isn’t as easy breezy as it looks.

How is life in London? In one sentence

London life is a smorgasbord of culture, history, excitement and possibility.

Natural Hair Products or DIY?

Both. Mostly natural hair products though.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years’ time (and the years leading up to that point), I would like my life and my hair to reflect one another and be happy, healthy, strong and flourishing.

You have all the power in the entire Universe for one day. What would you change?

I would change people’s perceptions of themselves. Low self-esteem (as well as an over-inflated / distorted sense of self) can be very highly detrimental, lead to poor decision making and bullying.

Ehh, can you be our English Teacher please, lol. Thank you for join us. I wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors!

For more of Assumpumta Vitcu visit her BlogMe Today You Tomorrow



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A few weeks before 2017 ended,

I had the honor of cosmically meeting a fellow Queen sister Assumpta Vitcu. She is poetry, Prose and personal style blogger at metodayyoutommorow.com

Going through her words, her poetry below jumped out at me. Even though she’s now far from the place  it was written 3 years ago, I find her words comforting for my soul because I am crossing the same path she speaks of.

Whether it resonates with you or not, let her words soothe your soul. Listen and give it a share. You’ll never know which sister in your life is at  cross roads and might need some direction.

Her richly melanated skin and luscious lips are a couple the many reasons we love Assumpta. Trow in her beautiful Afro and its a done deal.

Ladieeess (and gents) I give you our #NaturaloftheWeek and #HAIRSPIRATION of the Month. Enjoy her poetry below and watch out for more deets.


Assumpta shares her feelings on the pre-occupation with marriage by a certain age or time, via a spoken word piece. “Because I am female, I am expected to aspire to marriage. I am expected to make my life choices always keeping in mind that marriage is the most important. Now marriage can be a source of joy and love and mutual support but why do we teach girls to aspire to marriage and we don’t teach boys the same?” – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Originally written as a rant (almost 3 years ago) following sustained inquisition from [well-intentioned] family and friends, The Labour of Love Landscaping is for anyone (female or male) who has ever felt the weight of questions regarding ones relationship status.



To be featured as Natural Of the Week (NOW) and a chance to be #Hairspiration of The Month,

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My 6 months protective style challenge

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Watagwan Nappy Boo,

Compliments of the season! The year has come to a splendid end, and the breath of God is still with us. Brethren there is much to be thankful for!

The term ‘Protective styling’ has always seemed a luxurious word that vaguely applied to me. I mean sure, I follow all the nilly gritty rules that apply to protecting my strands ( btw finger detangling flew out the window). When my hair is not stretched out or curled for a photoshoot or show, it is usually in about 4-6 single  braids hidden under a head wrap. Hard-core protective styling like braids, faux locs, dare I say weaves? Just hasn’t found a place to stay in all my <ahem> 3 years of being natural. However I know my hair length is not where it was this time last year. Neither is my Density. My Mushu has grown longer and fuller.

My Natural Hair growth 2017


The collage above goes to show that even without hardcore protective styling I’ve has done well on retaining length. But trust, with longer hair comes longer wash days and responsibilities. My first and only length check is on Nappyese is one . Then there’s my video curation of my yearly mile stones in 4 YEARS NATURAL- My Journey so Far (pardon the confusion, but I actually counted back properly and realized I was only 3 years Natural. Iz ok. Guess we have celebrated already for next year 🙂



My Protective style Looks 2017


The bitter sweet truth is that Afro’s are hard to manage. The down-side of having gravity defying hair with amazing styling variety is the amount of time, care and effort that has to go into it. Especially for the kinkiest types like mine. I wont lie I have been tired and weary of my hair lately, and I’ve been itching for a creative change.

Starting this month, I commissioned myself to go on a 6 months HARD-CORE protective Style challenge!!! Yup, I’m committing and putting Mushu on Lock down! Its needless to say, the great thing about protective styling is switching up your look while protecting your strands. My Curly Wigs, Head-wraps, Clip-ins and Marley Pony’s wont cut it anymore.





My job as a model has not allowed me the sweet variety that is our Magic and Art. But I’m at the point in my life where I’m needing to call the shots in relations to how I express myself. Surely braids can’t only be cool when celebs like Solange or Zoe Kravitaz wear them. I think its time to make braids more mainstream.

Before Protective Styling

I used these Products to prep Mushu for the challenge.
Scalp Massage, Pre-poo, Deep Condition and Protein Treatment

Taliah Waajid Sweet Almond Grorwth Oil
Shea Moisture Mongongo and Hemp seed Deep Treatment Masque
Aphogee Keratin 2mins Constructor
Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer




It feels so good to be rid of Mushu for  a while. I’m taking all prisoners! I will make sure to document every step and stage of this journey. I even got a tape and measured up Mushu. It up and it came up to 6 1\2  inches. My hair is uneven on all sides, so  an average of 6 inches. What I aim to achieve on this 6 month challenge is growth ,Growth and more GROWTH!! I’m hoping this rest period will give me a boost and finally propel me out of awkward length stage. Aaaiiiiii I can’t wait! You know time flies, 6 months will go by again like a breeze.

I will use these products to keep Mushu staying Moisturized in my Braids

Ku-za Naturals Jamacian Black Castor Oil Leave-in conditioner
Taliah Waajid Bamboo and Biotin Edge growth
Tropic Isle Living Jamacian Black Castor Oil


Looking forward to sharing my progress and the final results with you. I hope you’re as excited as I am!! I decided these braids will last me two months, it took a whole 3 1/2 days and they weren’t cheap.. Follow my social media pages @nappyese for daily updates

Now for the million dollar Question 🙂


Will you join me on this challenge?




Do you know when to trim your Afro? Fall/Harmattan Natural Hair

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Watagwan Nappy Peeps,


Welcome back to the Blog. Fall is here, the trees are getting bare.

The dry and cold season is here again.  Many creatures of the earth will go into hibernation, and amongst those magical creatures will include our beautiful head of coils.






My routine this season has not changed very much from my last winter season in 

FEBRUARY SECRETS: How to Care for Natural Hair in Winter/Dry Season


My basics are still the same;


CO-WASH instead of Shampoo






Discovering Natural further emphasizes these point in her 

5 Fall Natural Hair Care Routine MUST HAVE Video


What’s slightly different for me this season is that I am incorporating a lot of protective styling. If you follow my instagram you know. Finally! Mushu and I can get a break from each other (Thank you holidays). It’s harldy winter but its already acting the most. One very important routine step to note is to REMEMBER TO TRIM. 



How to know When to Trim Your Afro

How to Trim 4C Hair


So I hadn’t trimmed Mushu in a minute. These were the signs it showed and I knew it was finally time to grab the scissors;


1. More Fairy Knots and tangles  than usual: Even though I was moisturizing regularly and doing my low maintenance bantu knot out and braids. I was getting a lot more tangles than per usual. 





3.DRYING FASTER THAN NORMAL: The more damage at your ends, the lesser the ability of your hair to retain moisture. You’d be poring water into a basket. LITERALLY!


4.FAILED HAIRSTYLES: My simple usual hairstyles i used to get curl definition would bottom line result into knots and tangles with little to no definition. Even though I was following my exact same method of styling. This was a result of the coils refusing to clump together because of my damaged ends. 


Instagram @nappyese

5.MORE BREAKAGE AND HAIR IN THE SINK: If basic mechanical efforts like detangling, styling combing is causing more snaps and breaks than usual. THen you know it is time for a trim

So when you notice any of these signs above, treat yourself to a trim. REMEMBER: HEALTH OVER LENGHT. Watch the short video below showing you how I trim my 4c hair, including a few of my protective style ideas for the Dry months ahead.





Happy Trimming! What protective style look will you be sporting this fall?

Products Used:
Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream
Q-Redew Hand held steamer
Tangle Teazer
Shampoo brush
Wide Toothed comb  



Instagram @nappyese

Happy Movember!

How NOT to Perm Rod on Short 4C HAIR. 3 common Mistakes to Avoid

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Watagwan Nappy Peeps!

Welcome back to the Blog.

I’m sharing today 3 common mistakes (almost) everybody makes when trying Perm Rod Curls for the first time on 4c hair.

For all my visual peeps. Click the video below to watch the full Perm Rod Tutorial. If you no get money for data ( isorrait) biko  scroll down and keep reading



Perm Rod Curl on Short 4C HAIR.

3 common Mistakes to Avoid

HOW NOT TO PERM ROD ON 4C HAIR. 3 COMMON MISTAKES -NAPPYESEWhen these 3 mistakes are  avoided, you are 99.9% guaranteed popping curls on your first perm Rod set.  Mushu and I have learnt to co-operate and slay after a minute battle. So I’m here to save you some stress

I tried 3times to get the Perm Rod Curls and Luckily got it right on my 3rd. Hence I will divide this lesson into 3 experiments( cos black hair is a science lol) and concluded with the mistakes&Lesson.




As I was JJC (Jolly Just Come), I was curious to know which product would best fit for perm rod curls. I styled one half of my Hair with the Taliah Waajid Curl Curling Cream and the other half with Lotta Body Foaming Muse.

My first and biggest mistake was taking down the rod when Mushu was not fully dry. (it is very easy to deceive yourself. This is not a rush rush hairstyle. It requires planning)

LESSON 1; Give yourself enough time for curls to dry before take-down

It turns out Curling Cream’s are not the greatest to Perm Rod with, leave them for the Bantu-knot outs. The Foaming Mousse was a much better option with perm rods for my 4c hair

LESSON 2; Use a proper styling product. Preferably a foaming Mousse.

Creme of Nature foaming mousse VS Taliah Waajid Curling Curl Cream for Perm Rod Curls



On my next try I went just with the foaming Mousse. This time using the Creme of Nature Argan Oil foaming Mousse. I got closer to winning but because I styled over the products from my first try, I didn’t get as musch definition as nearly possible. That was my 3rd mistake.

LESSON 3; Start out Perm Rods on clean Damp/Dry Hair.


Instagram: @nappyese



On my 3rd try, my mistakes were clear and I finally managed to get Mushu to pop some Perm Rod curls for Afro Punk.


In Summary:

  1. Make Sure you Start out on Squeaky Clean Dry/Damp Hair. If you do the LOC wait a day or two for your hair to absorb and dry out the products. You can apply a light oil to protect you hair over that.
  2. Use proper styling product. Preferably a foaming mousse. Not Curling cream Custard or gels
  3. Only take down Perm Rods when Curls are fully Dry. If you think your curls are not dry you are probably right. Wait a few more hours or use a dryer.


These are the 3 steps I stick to that  can guarantee me almost perfect perm rod curls. Of course every individuals hair structure is unique, but differences to these rules would only vary a few decimeters apart.

Bonus Tips:

-When you Wrap around on the Rods, just wrap straight up. You don’t need to twist or roll it to create the Curls

-Make sure all the ends of the hair is fully covered first when wrapping. DO not layer the hair on on spot on the rod. Start wrapping from one side to the other and spread the hair all over the rod. This is will help with drying time and also prevent the curls from clumping.





That’s it for today. Thanks for reading through my crazy formula and science report. lol

Cassshh you on the next post.

Have you tried Perm Rods curls before? What was your experience?


#HAIRSPIRATION OF THE MONTH: South African Youtuber Vuyo Morgan

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Watagwan Nappy Peeps! Welcome back to the blog.

Our #Hairspiration of the Month on this blessed week is the stunning South African Youtuber Vuyo Morgan!


Vuyo Morgan

Her glowing smile, skin, hair, not to mention her electrifying personality are just a few of the reasons why we will be needing some Vuyo Morgan Therapy on our screens. She also shares her Natural Hair Care routine and protective stying tips catering to Type 4(c)hair on her Channel.

These late nights have had me binge watching her videos searching for some protective style inspo for the fast approaching winter months here in NYC. And I’m high key about to go for the Jumbo twists I saw in her recent video. If you are searching for a light weight protective style this spring in SA, you best be joining #TeamVuyoMorgan.



Lets get to know her below;


Hi can we meet you?

Hello there. My name is Nomvuyo and I am a young soul. I’m the most sociable introvert you’ll ever meet so beware of getting too close because you might catch the crazy fever. I love hair and everything God given (90% food that is) and black women, and undiscovered beauty and and and…


 Tell us about BraidsbyVuyo?

I started BraidsbyVuyo in my first year of university (2015) because leaving home to live alone in the wild, my parents laughed at the concept of giving me pocket money that doesn’t involve keeping me alive and passing school (which I’m thankful for because I would have probably been a brat if I was 100% dependant on them).

Braids by Vuyo

So, I needed ways to make money on my own terms so that I could feel as close to an “adult” as possible. After some nagging from my friends, whom I braided in my spare time, I decided to finally make a business out of my braiding skills and experimental nature. I did this for 2 years and was surprised as to how many black girls, men and women were craving to finally experiment with different hairstyles but were unable to because at the time, hairstyles like faux locs, marley twists, crochet and colourful yarn braids were scarce in South Africa. Luckily that came to my advantage and the long often 12-hour shifts during my school recesses were worth it. Now being in my 3rd year, I’ve had to take a year-long recess from braiding due to the increased academic pressure which does break my heart, but my new-found love for vlogging and sharing information has filled that void.


How long have you been Natural, briefly take us through your natural hair journey?


5 Years, 3Big CHops

It’s been approx. 5 years with 3 big chops since then. I transitioned for a year and a half to my first BC in February 2013. I was new to the YouTube natural hair community so I blindly followed hair routines of people who had curly type ‘fros, which wasn’t an absolute train smash because I at least got a kickstart into the natural hair community using their tips. I was natural for 12 months until I grew frustrated of my damaged 4c kinks and decided to BC completely in 2013 and boy did I love the short ‘baldesque’ life. I continued to grow my hair for 2 years and still incurred damage I got my 3rd BC to enter my 1st year of uni with some spice and it was liberating. Since then I decided to thoroughly get to know my beautiful 4c kinks and what they actually needed, which aided to growing patience and love for my hair journey, a subsequent success. Now bordering the 3 years since my last BC, I’m reminiscing on how easily I used to give up on myself and where I am now. Yes, it gets frustrating with all that detangling and long wash days, it is still a pleasant reminder that the riches that God has blessed us with, require love and consistent tending. That is what I consider to be a successful natural hair journey, a fruitful one.

 Favourite or Holy Grail Products?

WATER, the ol’ Cantu Leave-in repair cream, olive oil, African Black Soap, DIY protein deep conditioners and The Moisture Factory
“That Gel”. The less, the better. It’s all about cleanliness and moisture.


Box Braids or Faux Locs?

Box braids for the Summer, Faux locs for the cold lazy winter months.


 You have an electrifying personality, have you always been the cool girl?

Thank you so much for appreciating my queer persona but the answer to the question is a BIG FAT ZERO. I was extremely quiet and awkward in my late primary school and early high school years. I was quite sensitive and I had overactive tear ducts. But thankfully being in university and constant exposure to a spectrum of personas, I have learnt that I have a burning desire to share (sometimes overshare) my thoughts and opinions once I feel safe to do so. However, I believe that God is grooming me to step out of my comfort zone so I can start to unapologetically be who He calls me to be, and that I’m still learning through faith and prayer.


What does being Natural mean to you?

Natural means love without vanity. So, if you love who you are and what you represent, without needing to be fuelled by vanity and praises then you are a natural that cannot be tainted or consumed.


What is your favorite hairstyle to rock?

The notorious afro puff. It feels like an untouchable crown!

You have a free Plane Ticket. Where would you go?

Senegal. I have no idea why but my spirit is so drawn to that country and our continent in general. Europe, Asia and the Americas don’t need me, my beloved Africa does.

 Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself working hard in whatever it is that brings me joy so that I can reap the fruits in my motherhood years for my children and family, while serving God in all of that.

Big Chop or Transition

Big Chop. A lot of people say whatever that feels comfortable but I believe that a Big Chop allows you to bond and grow with your hair in a way that transitioning can’t.

Thank you for Joining us Vuyo!! We’ve loved hearing from you! Keep up the good work♥


If you are low key as in love as I am you can find Vuyo here :

Instagram : @VuyoMorgan

Youtube: @Vuyo Morgan



To be featured as Natural Of the Week (NOW) and a chance to be #Hairspiration of The Month,

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AUGUST ESSENTIALS: Natural Hair Things I am loving

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Watagwan Nappy People. Welcome back to the Blog!

A Happy Women’s day to ALL the amazing Women of the World

Here are the Natural Hair Things my Mushu and I are loving this month of August;

















So these are the babies I’ve found myself loving this month of August. They are currently aiding my Hair&Skin Regime.

I have product reviews (+giveaways 🙂 on all the Taliah Waajid Natural Hair products listed above on NAPPYESE TV. To share with you how well they have worked, how I use them and what I do and do not like about them. Plus an unboxing video of my Radha Beauty 16 Essential Oil set to introduce you to the 16 different types of potent Essential Oils. I honestly don’t know how I used to live without Essential Oils. I about to gift multiple sets of these to all the people I care about. Yeah.. Y’all can call me the Oil lady 🙂


Essential Oils

Two heavy weight Champs I’ve also  very recently introduced in my hair regimen is;


-You may have spotted them on my insta-stories. This stuff works! My Mushu had been feeling some typa way. I noticed I was having more of the smaller tiny circles (broken hair) in the sink when I took down my twist protective style, instead of the longer strands with the white bulbs(shed hair). I had been moisturizing as per usual so I knew Mushu was crying out for a more intense protein treatment. At my last wash I scraped my last bit of henna but clearly, It  was not enough because the breaks kept happening and my strands were so soft. Partly due to the humidity of the summer.

I brought in these bad-boys to do the job and my Mushu bounced back to Normal! It was perfect timing because I had a hair shoot the next day. We walked in there feeling BAAWSS! haha. I absolutely cannot wait to share the images with you guys!!!!


My hand-held Steamer is a serious staple for me. I use it to refresh my old hairstyles and to make my detangling much easier and faster. Videos showing how I do this is also up on the channel.

And Finally as for my Hairfinty Hair Vitamins. Remember when I was loving them as my January Essentials? I got gifted 6 bottles of them as my birthday gift.

I’ve been taking them to fortify my hair from the inside. I am nearly on my last bottle.. At 60 capsules per bottles and twice a day directions, they should be finished by now. But I’ve been slacking 🙁 With so much going on and trying to settle in and pace with New York City, popping taking these supplements haven’t been at the top of my list. I haven’t been taking them consistently and I am curious to know if this will affect my results.

Hairfinity! Click to replace your empty bottles!

If you have used this supplements before, let me know in comment how it went and what your results were. I love what they do for my nails! I will have a full review on this product after I have used all of them up.

That’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this read. Like,Share&Comment

Don’t forget to enter the givewaway and win some amazing Natural Hair Product for you hair!


I’d really like to hear your thoughts on the new designs. Are you feeling it or naah?I’d really like to hear your thoughts on the new designs. Are you feeling it or naah?

See you soon and Stay Nappy!






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Happy New Month of August!

Give a thumbs up to this video👍 it was helpful to you and you enjoyed it!


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4. Choose a total of 3 products from the Shea-Coco or the Protective Style Range and comment your choices under this video

Taliah Waajid Shea coco line
Taliah Waajid Protective Style Line

Giveaway ends 12 noon August 15th 2017 .

Winner will be selected randomly through rafflecopter on the 16th and be contacted directly by me

***PS: All NappyBoos subscribed to NappyNewsletter are automatically entered for this giveaway. To increase your chances of winning Tag a friend on the Instagram Giveaway pic.

Leave any Question or Opinions also in the comments

Best Of Luck!



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