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My documentary ‘Black Hair’ speaks about growing up as a predominantly African woman in a whitewashed and Eurocentric Caribbean society. I address racism, hair-shaming, and overcoming adversity by cutting off my hair in this 20-minute film.



* First your first and last name and location.

My name is Gabriella Bernard and I live in Trinidad & Tobago, located in the Caribbean.


* Can you walk us through what was going through your head when that incident happened? What were you thinking and feeling as they were doing the hair and as you were asking them to consider alternatives?

At first, I was very determined to go home because my hair meant the most to me, and I told the producers that upfront on my application form. It took me about 30 minutes of crying and thinking to finally get to the decision that I made. I felt the need to expressly state my opinion and stand up for myself because truly I believe in promoting natural beauty and there were alternate methods that could have been taken to get my hair straight (wig, weave, blowout, keratin, flat iron). Furthermore, it is a Caribbean show and it is sending a message that we should conform to Eurocentric standards, as perpetuated by every other TV show, movie, magazine cover or whatever it may be, that tells young black women, and the world for that matter, that black people with kinky curly hair are not as good as unblemished porcelain white skin with perfectly straight blonde hair. That the beauty standard is something that we as ‘unfavorable’ black people could never achieve in this lifetime, lest we use cake soap and chemical relaxers. And then EVEN THEN when we conform, we will never be ‘truly’ as beautiful as what we have been brainwashed to believe is the standard. Especially in the context of Jamaica, where the film was produced, where it has been reported time and time again that skin bleaching is a common trend, what sort of message are you perpetuating as an industry leader? It broke my heart and shattered everything I knew when I realized someone who I had looked up to so much would do something as mentally damaging as chemically relaxing my natural hair that I had taken 3 years to grow. The decision stood even after I had told them I had it straight for most of my life and when I decided to go natural I loved myself more for embracing who I am as God intended… I had 2 options: conform and see what success I could achieve, possibly winning a contract to be an international model, something that I have always dreamed and prayed for, or break away and see how this may have been detrimental to my career. I had already left my job, I always looked up to Wendy, modeling was everything for me, and I came to compete… I had to go all the way or forever ask myself ‘what if?’ Though I mentally made the decision, I spent about 10 minutes disassociated from the world, mentally disconnecting myself from my hair and what I was about to do. My hair has always been a part of my identity, and as women, we know all too well how much emotion we have attached to our hair. My hair has always been part of my identity. I had my pretty little girl phase, then I shaved half of it off, I grew it back out and processed it straight. When I decided I was finally going to go natural I went out with a bang by dying my hair blue, purple and blond. I knew it would get damaged but it would be able to grow out. I’ve always expressed myself through my hair, and now they were going to take away something that I had groomed for so long, which was more to me than ‘just hair’, take it all away in a second. And chemical relaxers are permanent, I’m not sure if everyone understands that part, but it’s not something that can be reversed and I had to cut off all my hair after the show because it was now permanently straight and damaged…

The feeling of being stripped of my personality, my uniqueness, like Sampson without his hair…

* When you looked at yourself in the mirror after it happened, what were you feeling?

When I looked in the mirror, I saw the 16-year old version of myself watching me back in disappointment. I had lived most of my conscious life with straight hair and at 16 I wished I had the guts to go natural. I hoped that it would all be worth it in the end… but we all know I came 3rd. My reaction, however, was pure acting. I knew that I couldn’t be the girl who kicked up a fuss in the salon AND sulked over her makeover that she didn’t want to do in the first place. I told myself to let go of my emotions until after the show, and I gave it my best – my all, to try and win the competition. I was determined and I sacrificed a lot, DOWN TO MY HAIR, for a CHANCE to win, and came out deeply disappointed. If I knew then what I know now, I would have definitely walked off, or not have signed up at all. But at that moment, I was too close to my dreams to let it slip through my fingers.


* Is your hair still affected by the treatment they used?

My hair is somewhat affected – some parts haven’t grown into their curls just yet and are straighter than other parts. This is also attributed to previous years of chemical relaxing and I noticed that from the first time I cut my hair.


* What’s been your response to the continued interest at this moment on social media? Were you surprised by the support and reactions?

I was genuinely surprised by the reaction and support received from 95% of people on social media. I didn’t think that people would get it and I feared that it would be perceived negatively and seen as unimportant because I was dismissed so casually in real life, but people went through the same emotions as I did on the set, it seems! So many people were touched and started to reach out to me from other parts of the Caribbean, the US, the UK, Australia, and various countries across Africa and Asia. They shared their stories with me and I am so glad that we are having a global conversation about the reevaluation of the beauty standard. Beauty comes in all shades, shapes, sizes, and cannot be contained by 1 set of standards alone. More and more people are finally loving themselves for who they are and being comfortable in their own skin. I don’t understand why anyone would be against that, but I am so appreciative for those who understand the overarching message and are supporting my efforts. I hope that they too are living their most authentic version of themselves and creating change in their own lives and communities.



More and more people are finally loving themselves for who they are and being comfortable in their own skin


* What about that moment ultimately inspired you to keep fighting and speaking out?

The feeling of being stripped of my personality, my uniqueness, like Sampson without his hair… I don’t want anyone to ever have to go through that to learn the lesson that I did. I want people to continue to stand up for themselves despite what other people may say because they don’t have similar experiences. Our black ancestors before us did not stand up and fight for us to come in this modern day and age to yield to outdated, colonial rules. So many times people have ridiculed me for my hair, on the street, at work or professional settings, and at school… So many times people have been racist or prejudiced towards me because of the color of my skin or how my hair grows up to the sky. So many times I have been affected because of society’s twisted misconceptions and stereotypes that are casted upon us and eventually accepted. This time, I say no more. As I continue to live my truth, I will prove to myself and everyone else that I am a professional, that I am beautiful, that I am competent of doing anything that I put my mind to. I refuse to let my skin color and hair texture ‘hold me back’ from these opportunities in my life, because they are not an evaluation tool of my professionalism, capabilities or intelligence.



* What do you hope viewers at home might learn from what you went through and your response?

I hope that viewers at home will see that it is okay to stand up for yourself… I sacrificed all my hair, and for what? I did everything I could to appease the judges, but all in vain. Social media quickly took to Instagram to voice that I was robbed when I was eliminated. You see, we can change ourselves to fit someone else’s mold, but that does not mean that we will be liked or accepted. It’s only wisdom that can now allow me to look back and say that I wished I stood my ground. I would have both my dignity and my hair. I feared that others would judge me and say that I was truly an unprofessional model for walking off the show. But I’ve learnt that the most important opinion is the one you have of yourself… Always stand your ground; do not yield.

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I REFUSE TO LET ANYONE TELL ME HOW TO BE BEAUTIFUL. I am pleased to announce that a 20 minute documentary that I have starred in and directed alongside @trinidadandtobagorocks has been selected to screen at @ttfilmfestival! Hair is more than "just hair" and living in a society that idolizes Eurocentric features and demonizes African features makes it that much harder trying to live my truth in all my melanin glory. Join me as I open up about racist incidents, living my truth, being whitewashed as a cheap reality show stunt, and still overcome it, all the while cutting off that trashy, outdated, straight hair and starting over my natural hair journey AGAIN. I will be counting on YOUR support to help me win the People's Choice Award 🏆🏅. FYI: Research shows there has been a 40% decline in relaxer sales over the past 8 years. It ain't a fad or a style. BIH, IT'S A MOVEMENT. ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽 — — Pre-lime 🍤🍻: Fri Sep 7 @ Drinks Bistro, Woodbrook from 7pm — — Airing dates 🎬: Fri 21 Sept, 5.00pm, The University of the West Indies ** Fri 21 Sept, 6.00pm, MovieTowne POS Screen 8, Q+A ** Mon 24 Sept, 4.00pm, MovieTowne Tobago ** Tue 25 Sept, 6.00pm, MovieTowne San Fernando — — Photo Creds: Model: @gabigabz_ Designer: @benecaribe Photographer: @moderndaycaveman Art Director: @rackedstudios — — #model #international #caribbean #ttfilmfestival #trinidadfilmfestival #film #documentary #naturalhair #natural #melanin #queen #straighthairissotrashy #overit #movement

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* I noticed that you’re working on an upcoming documentary and continuing to use your social media as a way to speak out against what happened. Why is it important for you to continue this mission? What’s your ultimate hope with sharing words of encouragement regarding hair and calling for change?


My documentary ‘Black Hair’ speaks about growing up as a predominantly African woman in a whitewashed and Eurocentric Caribbean society. I address racism, hair-shaming, and overcoming adversity by cutting off my hair in this 20-minute film. It has been screened at the Say It Loud Film Festival in Washington DC in July, the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival in September, The Baltimore International Black Film Festival in Maryland from Oct 2-8, the ArtCity Film Festival in Cameroon in Oct, and Kurlz on Film in Los Angeles in Spring 2019. I’ve also started a GoFundMe to submit my documentary to festivals across the world so that people can hear my story: http://www.bit.ly/blackhairdonate 100% of funds will go towards paying submission fees to enter the film, which is currently estimated at USD$3,100. My message is important because it is not just about hair. My message is letting people know that they should live their lives being comfortable in their own skin, in their own appearance, and that we need to look past colonial remnants in our culture that tell us ‘white is best and only white is best’ If all races, particularly the white race, could come together and agree that we are all equal and treat each other equally, we could live in a much better, more advanced society. We have so much more in common than what ‘separates’ us. The sooner we realize that the sooner we can evolve into a more loving era of humanity.

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If the Caribbean had a flavour it would taste like me 👅😈 — — Model: @gabriellabernard_ Photography: @refiic Designer: @dominichutch — — 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 — — #fashion #runway #editorial #natural #melanin #beautiful #caribbean #model #internationalmodel #scoutme #fordmodelsscout #wlyg #imgmodelscout #lordeincscouting #jagmodels #makemeamuse #willyscouts #scoutmetier1mm #emgmodels #iamscouted #gilleonsmithcasting #wespeakthisisme #scoutmesilent #models1scout #mc2scouting #elmsquad #be1scoutme #bodylondon #bikini #caribbean — @bellaagency @elitenyc @elite_london @statemgmt @fusionmodelsnyc @suprememgmt @nextmodels @dnamodels @dnkmodels @ethnicitymodels @chocomediamodels @theindustryny @abbeylynnmodels @pridemodelmanagement @megamodelbrasil @gadalmodels @crawfordmodels @megamodelbahia @niiagency @noagency.nyc @managementartists @midlandagency @immmodels @elevenmodelmgmt @newyorkmodels @womenmanagementny @major_scouts @qmodels @mahogany_models @mandpmodels @bma_models @marqueemodels @leo.alderman @stettsmodelmgmt @clavonmodels @shlegel_daria @mmgtalent @theindustryla @lookmodels_germany

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* What other things do you have planned in the wake of this? Are you still modeling? Do you still want to continue talking about this in the future? What are your goals?

I want to continue spreading my message of self-love and positivity. I am still modeling and ultimately I would be elated to become an internationally signed model and walk for Victoria’s Secret. However, I haven’t put all my eggs in one basket and I am also focusing on my background in Marketing and Events Management. I definitely want to continue being an activist for change and I am currently involved in community development programmes in Trinidad & Tobago. I plan to use my influence and education to eventually become a person with political power in the future, such as the Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago. We can do a lot to get our economy back on its feet with people who think as progressively as I do, and want to see an actual improvement of the nation. Especially in the wake of the dying oil industry, there are several things that we can do. We can invest in sustainable energy for a greener and cleaner future, especially having the luxury of living on an island that sees an abundance of sun, wind and natural waves for the majority of the year. We can also implement a refugee programme for the Venezuelans coming across to the country whereby they can find shelter, work and make a contribution to our society. Food manufacturing is an industry that can create even more jobs for our citizens and increase our food security. We can also look into reforming the education system by exposing students to new career paths and allowing them to pursue studies tailored to thriving and upcoming industries where there is a huge demand. Construction, mechanics, engineering, plumbing, and other vocational/technical education should be at the forefront as opposed to making people go into debt for an education that they may not be able to use in the future. My ultimate goal is to impact positive change on the world, and I’ve started that by living the best life I can every single day. Some days are good, some days are bad, but I am grateful for every moment of my experience so that I can share it with others and hopefully be a guide to them in their own way.

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There's nothing more exhilarating than living your most authentic life. BE WHO U WANNA BE. BE WHO U ARE. Listen I'm just so glad I have a whole fro again. The journey continues…💫💫💫 // Last night I had such a beautifully overwhelming response at the premiere of my film Black Hair. It's even been picked up in Baltimore, Maryland and Cameroon, Africa! Remember to go catch it if you can, and vote for BLACK HAIR as the People's Choice Award, and help me go to Baltimore! 🙌🏽🙏🏽 @trinidadandtobagorocks @ttfilmfestival — — Airing dates 🎬: Mon 24 Sept, 4.00pm, MovieTowne Tobago 🖤 Tue 25 Sept, 6.00pm, MovieTowne San Fernando — — Photo Creds: Model: @gabigabz_ Photographer: @shannonbrittophotography — — #model #international #caribbean #ttfilmfestival #trinidadfilmfestival #film #documentary #naturalhair #natural #melanin #queen #straighthairissotrashy #overit #movement #beautiful #fun #editorial #blackandwhite #photography #afro #naturalista #rain #scoutme

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My message is important because it is not just about hair. My message is letting people know that they should live their lives being comfortable in their own skin


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Wagwan Nappyboos! Welcome back to the blog. Outchea on nappyese, we are all about being kinky. In the nappiest sense of the word lol. But I think our curly hair sisters also have something to say about hair! We caught up here with the stunning Annabelle Lyttle.

Hi Annabelle! Can we meet you?

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Curly or straight, both are great 🙃

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Hi! I’m Annabelle. I was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Growing up, I split my time between PA and New Mexico from the ages 15-19, and completed a year of study at New Mexico State University for Theatre Arts. After my first year of college, I dropped out to pursue modeling in NYC. I finally moved to the city in 2011, and have lived here ever since. In my time here, I have been signed to multiple agencies, domestic and international, continued my study of acting and performance, and worked at various restaurants around Manhattan and Brooklyn. In my downtime, I love reading, baking, hanging out with my cat, and falling down internet rabbit holes.

I loved working with you on set! How long have you been a model and an actor?

It was so great working with you too! I have been a model for about 7 years professionally. I got started with it when I was about 14, but I start the clock around the time I moved to NYC. I have been acting since I was very young. I always did the school plays, I competed in theatre competitions, and won an Acting scholarship. I can’t say that I’ve begun my professional acting career yet, but it’s slowly coming along. I’m about to wrap my first indie film in a few weeks.

Do you have your beautiful curls straightened a lot at work? If so, do you get heat damage and how do you deal with it

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Windswept. #redhead #hair #wind #beauty #makeup

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Ugh, yes. At one point, an agency I was signed with had advised me to ONLY wear my hair straight to castings. I can’t tell you how much time I wasted straightening my hair. I even did one of those at home, straightening perms. My hair was almost always straightened for shoots as well. Thankfully, my curls bounced back. I treat my ends with Moroccan Oil a couple times a month, and use shampoos and conditioners that don’t contain any parabens or sulfates.

Was it easy to transition into acting as a model?

My transition from modeling to acting is slowly starting to begin. Acting has kind of always been waiting in the wings for me, I just need to take the leap and commit to it. I’ll probably make the official segue within a year, and get back into an acting class and try to find representation.

Do you face any challenges as a curly hair model?

I think the main challenge is the assumption that curly hair is difficult to work with. I’ve gone to castings with my hair pulled back in a sleek bun, and then showed up to the job with my curly hair. I can always see the somewhat panicked look on the hair stylists face, or the client will make a comment like, “Oh, we didn’t know you had curly hair…” as if it was the biggest inconvenience in the world. I’m fortunate that my hair does straighten easily, so it hasn’t been too much of a hindrance. I do believe that there needs to be further education for hair stylists to know how to style all textures of hair.

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New work for Cosmo ✨ . . . . . #Repost @vernonfrancois ・・・ #updo The goal when putting hair up is to create a base. Then simply dresse the hair around it using hairclips or pins. The One rule for me is balance. Now your #redcarpet hair is ready for the runway 💃🏾💃🏽💃🏼💃🏻💃💃🏿 @vernonfrancoishair Re~Vamp heat protect moisture spray can be used on dry or damp hair to protect it from heat styling or to refresh your #waves #curls #coils #kinks & #straight hair in between washes. A refreshing detangling spray to hydrate, repair, and promote healthy condition. @paulmitchellus This firm-hold spray adds volume and provides maximum control without leaving hair feeling stiff or sticky. Its special formula also protects against humidity. #model @annabelle_rl ✊🏾‼️❤️ @cosmopolitan 🙏🏾@carlycardellino @jasonikeler ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #makeup the #beautiful @bobscott200 💥❤️ #redhead #red #ginger #hair #vernonfrancois @wilhelminamodels @showroom.newyork

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Free Plane ticket to your desired destination. Where would you go?

It’s so cliche, but I would love to go to either Bali or Mykonos.

What are your goals with both careers?


My goals for modeling are to become the face of a makeup or skincare brand, and to do as many editorials as possible. My goals for acting are to play as many different types of characters that I can. I want to be versatile, and not locked into just one genre of film. Right now I’m focusing on indie films, but eventually I’d love to go out for feature films and possible TV shows or a Netflix Original.


Curly or straight?


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Work that updo.

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Most times I’m strictly a curly girl, if I wear my hair down. I only ever wear it straight if I have to for work.

DIY or Products?

I’ve never tried any DIY hair hacks, so I only use products 🙂


Who are your Role Models?

My role models are Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Michelle Obama, Meryl Streep, and Mel Robbins.

Holy Grail Hair products?

DevaCurl Supercream is LIFE CHANGING!


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, I see myself working a job I love, either modeling or acting or some new pursuit. I see myself knowing and loving exactly who I am and what I stand for.

You have all the power in the entire Universe for one day. What would you change?


If I had all the power in the universe for one day, I would change peoples ability to listen. I see so much of just shouting our opinions at each other without actually taking the time to hear what anyone we disagree with is saying. I believe that in order to find a solution to a problem, we have to communicate, and hear each other out. It may not fix everything, but it will establish a common ground to build upon.
Thank you for chatting with us Annabelle. You are so stunning, I couldn’t stop looking through your instagram! You also have a lovely soul and personality. I wish you many successes in all you endeavors!
For more #hairspiration click here



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It’s not even summer! Yet #blackgirlmagic is glittering the floors of our realities with gold and rainbow dust.

-Enter Susy the Purple Unicorn!

The No1 Hairstylist slaying the game left right center in the U.S. Beyonce, Solange and Zoe Kravitaz can tesifty. She’s slayed their braids!!! I came across one of susy’s photos on one of my many missions on Instagram. I had reposted one of her striking images, because I believed in her captions. That was the day I became an avid follower of in Susy’s ever shining and colorful world. I’m so glad she made some time to catch up with us!


Hi Susy! Can we meet you?

Yes of course! I am Susan Oludele aka Africancreature,  a Liscenced Cosmetologist , Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, Business Owner . Creator of Lemonade Braids, wavy braids, and more.


Your positive energy and your light is so contagious! Even from afar. How was it like for you growing up?

It was so hard! I grew up always misunderstood, never had friends, I had a hard knocked life.  Life is crazy! But God always shows up and shows out. I didn’t know that God had a plan for me and I am proud that I can be here to share my story

Created by Hair by Susy

When did you discover your nack for hairstyling?

I started doing hair at 9 and at 11 years old I started taking it seriously.

What motivates you everyday?

God motivates me and my friends and family! I try to keep being positive and surround myself around good energy! 😎💎

Have you always been Natural?

I’ve always been natural until one day in high school I permed my hair and chopped it off bald a month later. I wanted to mimic the hair boxes I saw in the store.but I had to realize that in order to be different you have to be yourself. I chopped it off and that was it!!!!!!!!

Please tell us about Your Vision Board class and HairbySusyevents

Hairbysusy created the vision board class because we believe we inspire all of our clients on a daily basis to chase their dreams become an entrepanuer or follow a passion. We decided to convert that talk into a class to help encourage people and give them a road map to success. We created hairbysusy events because we have been notified that people love to be apart of hairbysusy & we  want to carry it out in the community world.

Who are your Role Models?

-God, myself & My mom is my inspiration!!!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Multi – millionaire, possibly billionaire  in the west coast in LA sipping pina coloda and managing my business, schools, self published author, public speaker to the mass, spreading awareness on suicide and social injustice. being Great & making life work for itself


You have all the power in the entire Universe for one day. What would you change?

I would take away the power from every body in the White House and build my own cabinet. I would create a budget for affordable health care for people who make under a certain amount . Elect the police system to Go over all of the inmates cases to see who has been in prison unlawfully. Create jobs for the people who have been incarcerated & ways they can be their own bosses. Go over the education system and putting In a better system to learn about credit, financial advisory, teach kids how to learn a trade and etc. I would also change the immigration laws to maybe whoever comes to work in America has to work here under a certain time & after they have to show what they have done In America within that 2 years.

If not they would have to leave or set up a 5 year  plan that would make sense to stay. I would allow rich people to keep their money but they would have to agree to donate 30% of their money to a charity that they do not own or a charity that helps the youth, the community they lived in, homelessness or a cause they support the most. I would change the welfare & food stamps to instead of giving them free food and housing. You would have to work at a store In Your community in order to get the food stamps and welfare. 

-Hmmn! She is ready!!



We can’t get enough of you Susy, Please bless our #Nappyboos with more words of inspiration. For those who would like to follow in your footsteps.

Take care of yourself, sometimes your parents are right they just want the best for you! Follow your dreams even if they sound crazy! God knows your heart! Dream big and never stop believing In Yourself 
You heard her Nappyboos! Thank you for taking time to bless us with your words Susy and being our #hairspiration of the month. We wish you all of the very best in all your endeavor. Find Susy at her website hairbysusy.com
Live to Inspire!

#HAIRSPIRATION OF THE MONTH: London Blogger Assumpta Vitcu

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Watagwan Nappy Peeps!

Welcome back to the blog, our Hairspiration for the new Month of February is the London based Blogger,Poet and sister Queen  Assumpta Vitcu



She’s been our Natural of the week on our Facebook group Naija Naturals where we shared her heart strung spoken poem. Why’s it so amazing, you ask??  See for your self here


Hi can we meet you?

Sure you can

I’ve literally been stalking your blog for weeks now, lol. How long have you been Blogging?

Haha! Hopefully that means you enjoyed it if you read for a week! I have been blogging for about 10 years but this is the 3rd blog I’ve had. My current blog – Me Today You Tomorrow has been a home for my thoughts, poetry, prose, life lessons and style posts since December 2014. 

When did you discover poetry?

In Primary School (Elementary School). I wrote my first poem when I was 7. I didn’t talk a lot when I was younger – I listened and observed far more than I spoke. Poetry (plus journaling and writing short stories) was how I expressed myself and got things off my mind.

Your Labour of Love Landscaping  spoken word piece struck multiple cords. How does it relate with life after “I DO” ?

The pressure never ends. Apart from the fact that I still have a number of single friends, so witness what they go through, even when you do get married, the next question is “when are you having children?” Most people mean well but one needs to be confident and know what you want and when you want it, otherwise you will never be happy and will always be kowtowing to other people’s expectations and desires.

Follow her on Instagram @assumpta_V

You and my twin sister both got married last year. Congrats! Give us a glimpse into your new world?

Thank you! Congrats to your twin sister also. Marriage has been awesome so far – I feel super blessed. That’s not to say that life / my new world is perfect. It isn’t and anyone who leads you to believe that it is selling you a dream. Marriage is not a magic wand. Having said that, I married my best friend – cliché but true. The strength of our friendship means that we have a lot of fun together. We’re a team and are understanding of each other’s needs, dreams, fears…the whole shebang! So to get to the point, my new world is awash with support, love, laughter (some tears), heightened goal setting, travel and lots of hugs.

How long have you been Natural? Briefly take us on your Natural Hair Journey?

Over five years. I returned to my natural hair unintentionally actually. I Just didn’t relax my hair within the time I normally would and decided to see how long I could stretch it for. After four or five months I figured I would transition – worst case scenario, I could also relax my hair if I wasn’t sold. Five and a half years later, here I am.

Name on thing you dislike about being Natural?

The time often involved! The texture of my hair (it is extremely coarse), means I cannot just get up and go as I could when my hair was relaxed. There is always some work involved to make it look presentable. Even when sporting my ‘messy’ afro, that isn’t as easy breezy as it looks.

How is life in London? In one sentence

London life is a smorgasbord of culture, history, excitement and possibility.

Natural Hair Products or DIY?

Both. Mostly natural hair products though.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years’ time (and the years leading up to that point), I would like my life and my hair to reflect one another and be happy, healthy, strong and flourishing.

You have all the power in the entire Universe for one day. What would you change?

I would change people’s perceptions of themselves. Low self-esteem (as well as an over-inflated / distorted sense of self) can be very highly detrimental, lead to poor decision making and bullying.

Ehh, can you be our English Teacher please, lol. Thank you for join us. I wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors!

For more of Assumpumta Vitcu visit her BlogMe Today You Tomorrow



To be featured as Natural Of the Week (NOW) and a chance to be #Hairspiration of The Month,

i. Join our facebook Group #NaijaNAturals


ii. email NaijaNaturals@groups.facebook.com with a subject head NOW and we will feature you as Natural of the Week on the group


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A few weeks before 2017 ended,

I had the honor of cosmically meeting a fellow Queen sister Assumpta Vitcu. She is poetry, Prose and personal style blogger at metodayyoutommorow.com

Going through her words, her poetry below jumped out at me. Even though she’s now far from the place  it was written 3 years ago, I find her words comforting for my soul because I am crossing the same path she speaks of.

Whether it resonates with you or not, let her words soothe your soul. Listen and give it a share. You’ll never know which sister in your life is at  cross roads and might need some direction.

Her richly melanated skin and luscious lips are a couple the many reasons we love Assumpta. Trow in her beautiful Afro and its a done deal.

Ladieeess (and gents) I give you our #NaturaloftheWeek and #HAIRSPIRATION of the Month. Enjoy her poetry below and watch out for more deets.


Assumpta shares her feelings on the pre-occupation with marriage by a certain age or time, via a spoken word piece. “Because I am female, I am expected to aspire to marriage. I am expected to make my life choices always keeping in mind that marriage is the most important. Now marriage can be a source of joy and love and mutual support but why do we teach girls to aspire to marriage and we don’t teach boys the same?” – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Originally written as a rant (almost 3 years ago) following sustained inquisition from [well-intentioned] family and friends, The Labour of Love Landscaping is for anyone (female or male) who has ever felt the weight of questions regarding ones relationship status.



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#HAIRSPIRATION OF THE MONTH: South African Youtuber Vuyo Morgan

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Watagwan Nappy Peeps! Welcome back to the blog.

Our #Hairspiration of the Month on this blessed week is the stunning South African Youtuber Vuyo Morgan!


Vuyo Morgan

Her glowing smile, skin, hair, not to mention her electrifying personality are just a few of the reasons why we will be needing some Vuyo Morgan Therapy on our screens. She also shares her Natural Hair Care routine and protective stying tips catering to Type 4(c)hair on her Channel.

These late nights have had me binge watching her videos searching for some protective style inspo for the fast approaching winter months here in NYC. And I’m high key about to go for the Jumbo twists I saw in her recent video. If you are searching for a light weight protective style this spring in SA, you best be joining #TeamVuyoMorgan.



Lets get to know her below;


Hi can we meet you?

Hello there. My name is Nomvuyo and I am a young soul. I’m the most sociable introvert you’ll ever meet so beware of getting too close because you might catch the crazy fever. I love hair and everything God given (90% food that is) and black women, and undiscovered beauty and and and…


 Tell us about BraidsbyVuyo?

I started BraidsbyVuyo in my first year of university (2015) because leaving home to live alone in the wild, my parents laughed at the concept of giving me pocket money that doesn’t involve keeping me alive and passing school (which I’m thankful for because I would have probably been a brat if I was 100% dependant on them).

Braids by Vuyo

So, I needed ways to make money on my own terms so that I could feel as close to an “adult” as possible. After some nagging from my friends, whom I braided in my spare time, I decided to finally make a business out of my braiding skills and experimental nature. I did this for 2 years and was surprised as to how many black girls, men and women were craving to finally experiment with different hairstyles but were unable to because at the time, hairstyles like faux locs, marley twists, crochet and colourful yarn braids were scarce in South Africa. Luckily that came to my advantage and the long often 12-hour shifts during my school recesses were worth it. Now being in my 3rd year, I’ve had to take a year-long recess from braiding due to the increased academic pressure which does break my heart, but my new-found love for vlogging and sharing information has filled that void.


How long have you been Natural, briefly take us through your natural hair journey?


5 Years, 3Big CHops

It’s been approx. 5 years with 3 big chops since then. I transitioned for a year and a half to my first BC in February 2013. I was new to the YouTube natural hair community so I blindly followed hair routines of people who had curly type ‘fros, which wasn’t an absolute train smash because I at least got a kickstart into the natural hair community using their tips. I was natural for 12 months until I grew frustrated of my damaged 4c kinks and decided to BC completely in 2013 and boy did I love the short ‘baldesque’ life. I continued to grow my hair for 2 years and still incurred damage I got my 3rd BC to enter my 1st year of uni with some spice and it was liberating. Since then I decided to thoroughly get to know my beautiful 4c kinks and what they actually needed, which aided to growing patience and love for my hair journey, a subsequent success. Now bordering the 3 years since my last BC, I’m reminiscing on how easily I used to give up on myself and where I am now. Yes, it gets frustrating with all that detangling and long wash days, it is still a pleasant reminder that the riches that God has blessed us with, require love and consistent tending. That is what I consider to be a successful natural hair journey, a fruitful one.

 Favourite or Holy Grail Products?

WATER, the ol’ Cantu Leave-in repair cream, olive oil, African Black Soap, DIY protein deep conditioners and The Moisture Factory
“That Gel”. The less, the better. It’s all about cleanliness and moisture.


Box Braids or Faux Locs?

Box braids for the Summer, Faux locs for the cold lazy winter months.


 You have an electrifying personality, have you always been the cool girl?

Thank you so much for appreciating my queer persona but the answer to the question is a BIG FAT ZERO. I was extremely quiet and awkward in my late primary school and early high school years. I was quite sensitive and I had overactive tear ducts. But thankfully being in university and constant exposure to a spectrum of personas, I have learnt that I have a burning desire to share (sometimes overshare) my thoughts and opinions once I feel safe to do so. However, I believe that God is grooming me to step out of my comfort zone so I can start to unapologetically be who He calls me to be, and that I’m still learning through faith and prayer.


What does being Natural mean to you?

Natural means love without vanity. So, if you love who you are and what you represent, without needing to be fuelled by vanity and praises then you are a natural that cannot be tainted or consumed.


What is your favorite hairstyle to rock?

The notorious afro puff. It feels like an untouchable crown!

You have a free Plane Ticket. Where would you go?

Senegal. I have no idea why but my spirit is so drawn to that country and our continent in general. Europe, Asia and the Americas don’t need me, my beloved Africa does.

 Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself working hard in whatever it is that brings me joy so that I can reap the fruits in my motherhood years for my children and family, while serving God in all of that.

Big Chop or Transition

Big Chop. A lot of people say whatever that feels comfortable but I believe that a Big Chop allows you to bond and grow with your hair in a way that transitioning can’t.

Thank you for Joining us Vuyo!! We’ve loved hearing from you! Keep up the good work♥


If you are low key as in love as I am you can find Vuyo here :

Instagram : @VuyoMorgan

Youtube: @Vuyo Morgan



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#HAIRSPIRATION: 5 Amazing Natural Hair B/Vloggers to follow!

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Happy Month of September!! Its been a minute!  Beez are buzzing, Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming cos spring is in the air here in South Africa in our humble city of Jozzzzzaayyy!! Don’t know bout you but I’m soooo ready for summer! to feel the heat again, eat ice-cream, stomp at music festivals and whine and complain about how hot it is, hahah. I’m literally sticking my tongue out at all yall winter people, step aside cos summers movining in! Haha

Today is the start of a new Feature series titled #HAIRSPIRATION. And I’m bringing  you lovely nappy folks 5 amazing African Natural Hair Bloggers and Vloggers I follow for some #Hairspiration.

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