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Wagwan Nappyboo!

Welcome to another #nappystyle post. Seeing as it keeps getting wilder ouchea in nappyland, I say we keep up the altè vibes from the last style post yah?

Do check that out before you keep reading this one so you don’t get too lost hehe. Because your mind about to get blow outta here

A Rainy Summer in Femme Luxe


My amazing nappyboos on the nappygram already know that I have new style accessory collection for sale. I took the liberty of styling them alongside the pieces from Femme Luxe cos #nappystyle

We’ve also upped the ante to bring you moving visual moving content! So if you enjoy this post, support the nappy-hustle and share it with your friends.

Femme Luxe on this one again! Yaga!!

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Yesterday was best day eeeevvuuuuurrrrrrrr!!!!! 💃🏾 The Universe sent me a sign🥳And I am so grateful! So while shooting some content at Freedom park for my new single with #nappyboss Ekene, this here stray pussy-cat came over to show me some loooveee. I wished he was my cat but he’s not🤧. Ask all my friends how, I’ve been wanting to get a cat since I moved back to Lagos (just so I can ground myself and not move anytime soon😂 and also to chase the mice away from my new place) but I literally cannot afford one right now. Let this story blow your mind! Because I asked the Universe to send me a sign and she did. I was so excited and grateful for this love, plus this pussy bout to become famous. Watch out for my New Video dropping soon 💥💥💥💥 I hope I blow too💥💫⭐️🌟🔥✨🌪⚡️🌈 #nappylife #lagosliving #newcontentcoming #nappyshoot #animallover #nappyese

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ALTÈ THOUGHTS: Yeah, back to the woes of blogging neh. So the lens my precious SONY A5000 finally gave up on me, so I had to improvise with my iPhone 7. Anything to get the job done fam!!



I had so much fun shooting these outfits at Freedom Park here in Lagos, it was my first time there. So much fun that I didn’t even remember to show how it ties nicely in front but see how beautifully it drapes behind me?  Basically this dress is a 2-in-1 if you ever want to go for that super sexy look but still trow in a tad bid of modesty, then you can let the wraps hang like I did here. Guaranteed to have your date tripping regardless



 This dress is so hot that as soon as I put it on, a stray pussy-cat from nowhere wanted in on the shoot too hahaha. It literally followed me around to give me love y’all! It was surreal. We (me and #nappyboo Chidera) named him Ray (like Stray minus ST). He was definitely an extra ray of sunshine on this day.






I styled this sexy number with my Bisi Nappywrap for that modern retro African gyal look you know Nappyese is all about. I really think big hoops are having another hot moment in style right now, so my double cowrie hoops finished my look! I’d say I’m ready for a dinner date and hit the club dancing right after. Wouldn’t you?

ALTÈ THOUGHTS: My life right now y'all!! I asked the Universe to send me a sign that I'm really not crazy for quitting my miserable internationally signed modeling life for intentional freelance modeling and riding out this creative life and she literally did with Little Ms Ray here!!!! I mean what are the odds that our shoot would became literally so much more alive on a very ordinary day of trying to get things done?? I would never have been able to cuddle ray into this content if I was a different shhoot with creatives who do not enjoy life as spontaneously as I do. We'z liiiiiiiit fam!


 I’m really excited about this dress and I can’t wait to get some new killer red bottom pumps (a girl can dream) and slay this dress at my next business meeting. I love how the deep v-cut makes room for decolotagè display. I have some pretty broad shoulders complete for my tall fine ass and no better way to show them off in a smart classy way than in this dress. Femme luxe really knows how to pop a queens curve!





ALTÈ THOUGHTS: Life as creative entrepreneur is an expensive one period. Like all process it involves many things and people to create the big picture. Thus it the responsibly of every creative entrepreneur to make sure that the costs of running his/her business is not burning the backend. As in sufficient budget for every creative process. Your boo manned up and asked Femme Luxxe to step it up a notch extra for us. I want to go all in for them and us and give my best creatively  because I really like this brand. I do hope they respond positively







Femme Luxe Lounge wear set is everything and more, their co ords are so classy! So comfortable it makes for a perfect day wear. I particularly like the modern pattern here and simple color scope of this set. Pair with pumps or flats depending on your mood or the occasion. It makes a great day lounge wear set I also really like how this cut sits on me, of course it will differ slightly as per body type. 

I styled it here with my Green Angelina Nappywrap, Cowrie money Chocker and Double cowrie hoops. You can shop my accessories simply by connecting with me on WhatsApp here: ShopNappyeseWhatsapp. These leather black pumps are also for sale.


ALTÈ THOUGHTS: Baby's getting thickè yo! I told y'all on twitter, my ass got fat. A sis be truly living her best creative life! Outchea making the dream work by her own standards. Why y'all never told me this is how nice it gets when your living ya best life :) And Femme Luxe be outchea bringing out a girls curve, go curves go!!!




This piece is about to become a fav of mine. I’ve wanted to own these pants at the back of my mind and here they are finally in real life. Clearly I was on my #nappyoga issh here. I wanted to show you how nice and stretchy these pants are, not constricting at all. I styled with my Fashion nova top plus Nneoma Nappywrap to give the look a pop of color! Simple, yet sexy and chique. Trade in my court shoes for some red Vinyl ankle boots and I’m ready for the next music festival!!


Femme luxe is really showing up and out. Click on all the images and the links on this post to shop any of the item you see here. They are already packaged and ready to be shipped to you wherever you are in the world. I would like to also remind you here that 10% of every Nappyese purchase goes towards orphaned African children of the Nappy Kids Foundation. Our Nappyese business runs on the principle that if you’re blessed enough to receive plenty from God the Universe you should actively give back to the less privileged. The more you give, the more that comes back to you.

So wotcyu saying boo? Are you feeling these pieces or what? Oya feel free to talk your own altè late thoughts in the comment box below

ALTÈ THOUGHTS: *drum roll please* Ahem, so I've decided that the pre-tease release of my official music videos will be short fashion videos filled with all the love, light and rainbows of style you can ever imagine! These are humble beginnings fam!! Stick with me cos we bout to run this sis!!! #breaktheinternet. Peep the star of this here video: A Pussy called Ray

Share it and lets to make him viral! Enjoy!!












A Rainy Summer in Femme Luxe

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Lagos living is Lit! And guess what made even lit-ter. Oops! Pardon the puns…

Waking up one beautiful day to Femme Luxe’s email was something of a nice surprise from the Universe. Although, I have collaborated with brands more than a few times on sponsored posts, tbh this one came out of the blues. You’d be surprised I actually ignored the mail for about a week because I didn’t think it would work due to the fact I lived in Lagos, but then they sent me another one mail reminder and I gave it a shot.

ALTÉ FEELINGS: Ahem! Before we get into that, It's been a while since I've shared a style story so I Feel I need to revamp our conversation theme. When I started writing and doing blog posts, I took great pride in it. I enjoyed it a lot, along the line my posts got really quick and direct to the point because I got confused with numbers, so shorter post meant more time to write more and share yes ??  NEWSLETTERS, HAIR, SKIN, TRAVEL AND FITNESS, YOUTUBE AND INSTAGRAM CONTENT Whew! Photo and video content! It got pretty overwhelming for only me after a while

Long story short Femme Luxe arrived at my local post office and I went to pick it up not believing my luck. Certainly, I was skeptical on the chances of it arriving but here in Lagos. Luckily my cousin asked me to give it a shot. I’m glowing from ear to ear as I write this because it mean Nigeria actually works. So proud.




Snake Short Sleeve Boxy Loungewear Set – Lacy


A few weeks back, can you imagine me almost buying an over priced snake patterned leggings a few weeks ago, thank God I didn’t because now look at God. I look everywhere and I see snake print. Have you noticed too? Move over cat family, the reptiles are here. I paired this comfy set with my snake skin boots, for that head to toe rock perfect for rainy weather or even a warm evening. The material used to make this wear is nice and stretchy and comfortable on the skin.



Pink Satin Cowl Neck Bodycon Midi Dress – Clarence

Pink Satin Cowl Neck Bodycon Midi Dress – Clarence

The day I picked up the package, I got invited to a bachelors party. And I wore this sexy number. Trust me when I say, this dress is a show killer and stopper and leave it there. It’s perfect for a special night out, making you feel sexy and classy a the same time. It’s made with quality material, even thought its tight, I’m not afraid it’s going to rip apart at any sudden moment. I paired it with my head(nappy)wrap for that African regal pink action. Wotcyu say boo? Are ya feeling this look?

Dress size: 8-10



Black Slinky Front Tie Two Piece Set – Kia

Can you tell a pattern here with my style?

>>>>>>>>>>>> I’m all for the two piece sets. I like how easy and breezy this outfit is. Even though the size 8 I ordered didn’t really fit my tall torso and legs, I am definitely loving the front tie cut and the flared pants. Now who wants a giveaway?? Yup! You heard right boo. I’m giving away this lucky number to one very lucky boo of mine. Could that be you?? 

Follow my @nappyese on Instagram and turn on my post for notifications because I will be giving away this gorg set! All giveaway details will be on the nappygram!

ALTÈ THOUGHTS: PS: No heels were ruined in the making of this shoot, psych !

Camel Crop Jumper Loungewear Set – Deanna

Earth tones are my thing and its obvious its Femme luxe’s thing too yaaay! I fell in love with this Jumper sweat the minute I saw it. I love the way it bares my décolletage. Don’t you?

Also very comfy and semi-loose fitting. Not tight or constructing at all.


Would you shop with Femme Luxe? What do you like about each of these outfits? I think my favorite thing about the lounge wear set is that it’s perfect to keep warm during the wet rainy season of Lagos Nigeria.


-Model: @juliaeseotobo

-Photgrahper: @ekenenwonye


ALTÉ THOUGHTS: Shout out to my amazing friend and photographer Ekene aka Nappybo$$ Ekene, who took some time to help make the dream work and welcome to the team. Let's see what he thinks about the outfits. Ekene leave a comment below on your opinion and let the world know how much fun this was.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post, please also enjoy the shopping links. More style post on Femme Luxxe to come soon. Please leave any question or comments below

PS: If you're new here or just in case you haven't got the gist is far, this is a sponsored post because I get to keep these amazing outfits. Even though it is sponsored, they totally fit my style; Comfort and Elegance, and I add my culture with my nappywrap!




NAPPYSTYLE SUMMER 2018 ft Ankle Express

Fashion Nova: How to wear summer outfits in Fall (Style on a budget)

5 Top Afrocentric Jewelry brands for Wakandan Vibes






Love and Happiness,


5 Top Afrocentric Jewelry brands for Wakandan Vibes

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Its Wakanda forever season again!!! At least for some of you I know it is, haha. I have a funny feeling Afrocentric vibes will be a huge hit this Halloween season. You might be one of the folks that wishes to have a try a hand at Nakia’s sultry looks, Or maybe bald headed Okoye warrior princess display of female power and strength, which ever the case we’ve got you here at Nappyese.

You see way before the Black Panther Franchise surfaced into our reality, #Nappystyle has been giving us African strength and royality from dawn of day. Most times, around the city then, I felt it was met with quick awkward side glances, wide eyed surprises or intrigue but the best reaction is always a smile of admiration and a compliment, followed by ‘where can I buy that?’ question.

I am always more than willing to share the not so secret hiding places of luxury afrocentric accessories, because I was once like these people. And if not for my healthy obsession with researching the net, curating styles via instagram, my career as a blogger, I too would have thought it a myth to be proudly African, let alone find unique and sexy afrocentric accessories that match with my soul. More especially in today’s modern day post-colonial African culture, with our generation seemingly eager to swap out our rich complex cultures for rat race uniforms of bland mediocrity and fitting into patriarchy standards of style. It continues to amuse me when the same generation cries culture appropriation. How can someone else appropriate a culture you claim as yours but hardly display until one costume day but you think you proudly claim it as yours? Where’s the genuinity in that?

Anyways I digress into muddy waters. Let’s save the politics for later, when our stomach are all full…lol

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Happy 2018 my dear friends 🍾💋

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-Iris Apfel

This post is for nappyboos who want to know where to go to find modern day afrocentric accessories with symbols that perhaps trace all the way to the first Egyptian African civilization. Those who take prize in wearing their heritage even if then don’t know the whole history behind it. In my opinion no one truly really knows anything, yes facts but where you there? Yes? No? Either way we are all timeless souls and our souls knows what we are when we see it it, thats why you’re here reading this post 🙂

We must work from where we are now and stop our dancing with yearnings of the old and that which we can never attain here and now. Lets! Live in the moment!

These amazing brands below, all sell and ship from within the United States! They will have your soul dancing and feeling right where it belongs! I have purchased myself from each of them listed below and I highly recommend you include them in your style. From head-wraps, braid, loc and hair accessories, to body jewlery, these brands have got you covered. Not only will you feel authentically stylish, you will also be a shining example to men and women that will feel your vibess gaan. And after you are filled with pride of your own, at your leisure have a peek at our new NAPPY-SHOP and find new and different things from the other side of the globe. Tips on how to be unique with confidence? We got you boo! We’ve got you.


Afrohemien is a handmade jewelry brand that blends afrocentric style with bohemian vibes.
Afrohemien is inspired by the beauty of Africa, ancient artifacts, mythology, nature, patterns and texture.
Each piece is created as a reminder to appreciate our history and to return back to where it all started, The Motherland.


FANM DJANM (FUM|JUM) means STRONG WOMAN in Haitian Kreyol. The Hatian brand was founded in 2014 as a collection of eight headwraps, which Paola sold directly from her apartment on the weekends. Today, Fanm Djanm has transformed into a headwrap collection and lifestyle brand that serves to both empower and inspire women to live boldly. Fanm Djanm encourages women to wear a bold print, take command of a room, laugh a little too loudly, and pursue their greatest goals.


A favorite on Etsy, Bellacee makes Afrocentric, Ankara Jewelry, Ear Cuffs, Tassel Earrings. Handmade her self with love.


💎Image Gang ⚜Gold plated and gold filled jewelry. Established in London in 2017, Image Gang was created with the sole purpose to be an inclusive, empowering brand for women.

Our mission is based on creating and curating unique but affordable pieces of quality jewelry that allow you to express your individual style.



NVTIVE is a boutique that specializes in the sales of traditional and modern body jewelry, accessories, apparel and art designed to showcase Pan African cultures from all regions of the continent. NVTIVE aims to pay homage to the customs and traditions of Pan African  culture in the design, and manufacturing of jewelry, accessories apparel and artwork.
And when wakandan season is finally over until next year again, lol and at some point you feel some sort of daring energy that challenges you to think and feel outside of the box (they come once a blue moon) and try new things beyond borders, dont forget to browse trough our NAPPY-SHOP and compliment your newly found international energy with accessories curated far and near all over the world by NAPPYESE and don’t forget to #NappyStyle 😉



NAPPYSTYLE SUMMER 2018 ft Ankle Express

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Wagwan my nappyboo,

What’s popping with you? Yasss! Nappyese is 2!! Things are lit! I mean its summer again in New York City who can complain?? You know me! Gratitude will now and forever be my first born child. I am super glad again for the heat, my dear this past winter was brutal. I’m growing to love this city more every single day, but I dare say I can’t stand it when its cold. So from next winter amma be chasing the Sun! Life is too short to not be in your natural element when the Universe has blessed us with abundance of variety and space.

Welcome to NappyStyle 2018!! I decided to go the photography route this time instead of a video like last years’ summer style post. Cos a gyal’s insta gotta stay winning! And taking photos instead of a style vlog allows me to use them for the gram. Yes! For the gram! The hustle real outchea!!

Watch my last style vlog:

This year I really feel I’ve started to truly come into my own style. I get inspiration from others but I’m not really looking to see who’s wearing what and letting that influence my style.Visiting India this past April has definitely influenced my style heavily this summer and most probably for the rest of the year. So color blocking is in!

Bright orange, yellow and fushia summer dress from India

I told myself I have more than enough clothes and aiint it the truth! I packed up 3 whole suitcase of clothes I have grown out of. I’m legit thinking of starting up a Nappybootique back home in Lagos (no jokes). So I decided this for this summers style, I would simply settle for a couple of sneakers and a few more accessories into my summer 2018 style. I’ve always loved bright colors, but India has re-enriched my life with colors.




BRI BRI BELT. Click to shop


Cowrie Earcuffs from Bellace Jewels. Fulani earrings from Kpelle designs

Nyri Earrings and fairy arm cuff from Fandjanm

I’m the queen of wanting to stand out and being different. Thrift store shopping is my thing and i’ll never turn my nose up at hand me downs. Not only is it sustainable for the planet, its also affordable. Forever grateful to superwoman Bridget Ganguli for blessing me with beautiful gold Indian sari tops. They rock! and they’re awesome for pairing with jeans or just a plain pair of bottoms.

Major Key Ankh ring from Afrohemian

This summer, I have also had the great pleasure of partnering with a preety cool sock brand called Ankle Express. They sent me a couple of super cool sock to brighten up my style even more!


“Whats becoming very obvious to me is that fashion is art”


Celtic Peacock Florida sock and laces from Ankle Express. Click this image to shop


 Thula Sindi Batik Dress 

Thula Sindi Batik Dress

The one and only expensive piece in my wardrobe this season is this Thula Sindi designer dress. I’ve had this dress for about 3 years now but i’ve never really worn it. Well, its popping this season 😉 Colors colors and more colors!!!


The best thing I loved about this summers style is crochet. Yes! Crochet. Living in bikinis in the summer months, crochet is the next best. And I am talking about no other than at the hand of muto crotchet! Hand made with love with neat and seamless finish, this brown crotchet dress gave me all type of feels! Let me know in the commets if you would like my secrets to staying decent under this meshy attire.


Dark Brown Crochet dress by Muto Crotchet, Aaya (Fern) Necklace and Earrings from Afrohemien

Not only does the color match perfectly with my skin for that sexy, confident neutral/nude look, It’s mesh makeup allows for cool and breezy feels through the warm days.


Clear and nude heels from DSW


Nappystyle Blue-Green matching setpiece by Muto Crotchet. Click this image to shop

Blue-Green matching set piece by Muto Crotchet. Click this image to shop


Steel arm cuffs from India

Dress down or up with a pair of sandals or heels


Blue beeded Jhumka earrings long Click this image to shop

Blue beaded Jhumka earrings. Click this image to nappyshop  


I’ve always had a quirky style. Yasss to socks and sandals! In this case ankle express and heels. If you’re a dare devil like me cop yourself a pair of Wrapping Pharaoh’s Marmalade sock from Ankle Express, made for the soles of a queen (and kings of course!). The trick to wearing sock with sandal/heels is simply to rock your vibe! Just like Luipta Nyongos’ infamous quote

“Whats becoming very obvious to me is that fashion is art”

So create your art with Ankle Express and rock it boo. Walk with you head high and proud. Keep in mind that not everyone will get your vibe and that’s ok! 


Wrapping Pharaoh’s Marmalade sock from Ankle Express. Click to shop

Also ankara print outfits till the end of time! I’m a star baby! Shoutout to my baby sister Philomena Otobo for copping me this cute star akara print.

Wrapping Pharaoh’s Marmalade sock from Ankle Express

Wrapping Pharaoh’s Marmalade sock from Ankle Express. Click to shop

Photo credits:

Obi Abili

Yoniqua Yougblood

Jesse Kulawole Williams


That’s all for this summer’s nappystyle boo. All of these outfits will be mixed, match and layered to protect my skin in the colder winter months. You can check out my style of layering for fall and winter in my previous style posts;


I hope you enjoyed these images. Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. Check out all the amazing new accessories in our new nappy shop. Be reminded there are lots of cool new giveaways + more of my style on my social pages. Subscribe to my Youtube channel NAPPYESE TV, lots of exciting heart thumping visuals coming soon (like me singing in the subways of nyc ;), and heads ups on my #30daysinIndia Vlog series.

See you soon and Cassh you on the gram!




Fashion Nova: How to wear summer outfits in Fall (Style on a budget)

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Watagwan Nappyboo,

I hope your thanksgiving weekend was lit! and you’re recovering nicely from the food.

Welcome to my first style post!!  You must have caught a glimpse of Who What Wear in my first style Vlog. Where I introduced my Nappy Style with my SUMMER 2017 STYLE HAUL  featuring Fashion Nova X Mystique Boutique NYC.

If you didn’t catch it, you’ve been living under a rock! Baby win with us!! Watch the video below


How I Transitioned my Summer Style Pieces  into Fall

Living in NYC for me right now is living on a budget. How expensive this city is not a myth!! And style is a luxury I can’t afford to compromise on. I love to look well put together (most days lol) And I keep my style to my own aesthetics. Meaning I do what what works for me. 

Y’all know I’ve been buying Fashion Nova since forever!  Way before Bodak Yellow and Team Cardi B was even a thing. Yup! Not only are their items built to hug womanly curves, they are also quite affordable ( if you know when to shop). I live for Fashion Nova discount codes. I shared all the cute pieces I rocked all summer in the video above so don’t forget to watch it! Now here’s how I transition some of these pieces into my fall style.

LAYER LAYER LAYER! Nothing like a cold city to teach you how to layer up.

In these looks I rock my summer dresses over a layer of a Thermal Underwear, Thights and Turtle neck sweaters. Its a classic way to keep all of my skin protected and look chique rocking my summer pieces. 













One of my favorite style trick is to pair a mini dress as a top with a big ruffle skirt. SSsssshhh! No one will ever know 😉









That’s it for today’s nappy style post. I hope you enjoyed the images, feel free ask any questions. What are your tips for saving cost on clothes while transitioning from a summer to fall/winter wardrobe? Please share with me in the comment section below. 

 Caaassh u later!


For #NAPPYSTYLE on a daily  follow my Instagram @nappyese

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