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Hello Instagram my name is Ese. It’s 1:16am here in New York and I’ve been up all day since 6am yesterday. 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵 I’m about to share more of my stories with the world. It’s scary and daunting but I need to do it because I desire to be to a responsible human. Responsible for making the world a better place by being brave joining in to speak about and ask questions about difficult things that affect me and I think everyone else in society_ some more than others ✍🏾✍🏾✍🏾✍🏾✍🏾✍🏾✍🏾✍🏾 I’ve always been a better writer more than I’ve been a speaker. I used to judge myself but now I know it’s ok to be great at one thing and not both. I’m a great speaker too but I’d rather say funny things so you laugh or I’ll smize and share a smile that’ll make your skip a mini beat. Most times I’ll be quiet and be in a corner cleaning or sumtin because we never get to a place where we are comfortable enough with each other to talk about how we can work together as humans to have a greater balance for all of us here on earth. 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐 But we have important business to address so I’ll start now with my words… 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 I am just young growing woman trying to understand the world around me and so far nothing makes sense. Rephrase- Nothing makes MY sense. I had an ex recently call me mental and hounded me to go see a shrink even while I didn’t have a roof over my head. That was abusive so I let that go. 🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕 Life has had me literally estranged from my family for the past 5 years for in the name of survival. So I can’t talk to my parents and I don’t really have any grown adult to talk to that I think will listen and first understand me objectively without trying to brain-wash me into what they think I should think and do Anyways African parents never really talk to their kids anyways… So here I am about to spill my guts to total strangers on the internet, Yaaay millenials👋🏾 ✨💛✨💛✨💛✨💛✨💛 I’ve tried this many times before you see. But finally I have started to come to a place of peace and calm within myself where I can try to constructively string my words together to make some sort of sense. Are you ready?? It’s almost 2AM…. #IAMGIAIA #nappyese

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Watagwan my nappyboo.

I am sharing the story of my colleague, smart and very brave and beautiful, former Miss Arizona USA Jordan Wessel. She champions the voices of so many young women in entertainment, not just in the states but all over the world. I think its time to ask myself too,

Who made up the rules ??

Does it serve me?

What about my own rules?



What it took to be “perfect”



What it took to be “perfect”

Every year I, like many of you, write down resolutions. The No. 1 thing on my list in 2018 is to get healthy both mentallyand physically.

I realize mental health isn’t something most people like to discuss, especially with strangers on the internet. But hey, I created this blog so I can be real with you, so no topic is off limits. Our society views “healthy” as someone with a perfect body. But I think it’s much more than that. In order to be “healthy” you need to balance physical health with emotional and spiritual health. Many of us set goals so we can look a certain way, but why don’t we set goals to feel a certain way?

2013 was one of the best years of my life but came with an overwhelming amount of consequences that I’m still suffering from. I was struggling with severe stomach issues for 2 years, and felt I had no control over my life. I was a freshman in college, but I spent more time at the Mayo Clinic and at my parents house than I did at school. The stomach pain was so severe I struggled getting out of bed, I barely socialized with friends, and was so desperate to just feel “normal” again. After countless medical tests, scans, and misdiagnoses’ I attempted to take my health into my own hands. I found a trainer who struggled with Crohn’s Disease (similar to what I have), yet seemed to function completely normal. I confided in him, and he swore the more I exercised the stronger my body would become and the more I could manage my symptoms. Over time the gym became my sanctuary. I looked forward to sweating everyday and I began feeling significantly better. Given, my diet was extremely limited but for the first time in my life I was seeing physical results in the gym. I was surrounded by fitness competitors, and I admired their dedication to the sport and their insanely ripped bodies. At that time, these individuals were my definition of “healthy” (lol). After 3 months at this gym, I decided to prepare for a bikini competition. I was more determined than ever and became extremely strict with my regimine. I exercised 7 days a week, averaging around 3 hours at the gym, and pushed myself until I was shaking and light headed. All I thought about was the gym, and I fell in love with the process of watching my body transform. The endorphins gave me a natural high, and I thought I could keep-up with that lifestyle forever.

Although I was over-excerising, my diet was the most damaging part of my training. Before the fitness competition, my diet consisted of:

  • 1 Rice cake with a cup of egg whites in the morning
  • 4oz tilapia and asparagus for lunch with 1 rice cake
  • 4oz tilapia and asparagus for dinner


As I look back on that time, I can’t believe I ate the way I did. I was burning hundreds and hundreds of calories every day at the gym, but wasn’t eating nearly enough to keep my body stable. To top it off, I was taking fat burners, which are basically an unnatural amount of caffeine in pill-form, so your body is constantly burning even when you’re not at the gym. I felt drained, but I also felt sexier than ever before because of the attention I was recieving. People were constantly reaching out asking for tips so they could look like me, and be “successful” like I was.


I lost over 40 pounds in 3 months. When I stepped on stage at my fitness competition I was under 100 pounds. For reference, I’m 5’10, so I should never be under 100 pounds. I was frail and weirdly proud of it. I placed 5th overall, and was approached by a judge afterwards who told me I should be walking in the Victorias Secret Fashion Show, which I took as a huge compliment.

My hard work was paying off and my wildest dreams were coming true. I was signed by a modeling agency and I won Miss Arizona USA 2014. From the outside, people thought I had it all, mainly because of my body. Little did anyone know, I was falling apart mentally. I began to equate my weight with my self worth; the thinner I was, the more valuable.

I avoided going out or spending time with friends because I didn’t want to be tempted to eat or drink something that would compromise my figure. All I thought about was calories and training. When I attempted to introduce “normal” foods back into my diet I would get sick. Even attempting to eat turkey, chicken, or protein powder was a struggle. My body couldn’t tolerate or digest anything and I started gaining weight back. I remember stepping on the scale at 107, and feeling disgusted with myself. I had torn both labarums in my hips while training, which suddenly made it hard for me to walk and I definitely couldn’t run. Cardio became painful but I kept doing it because I figured it would keep me small. At this point the negative self talk was at an all time high, I constantly thought to myself, “If I gain any more weight, I’m going to lose everything.” I trained harder. I went back to my previous diet. I took fat burners, but nothing worked. My stomach pain increased daily and no matter how hard I trained, the scale was only going up.

My new trainer, Scott (if you live in AZ I highly recommend him), instantly realized all I cared about was the number on the scale. Since I was preparing for Miss USA, it would have been easy for him to push me to exhaustion and give me tricks to fool my body for a few more months. But he didn’t, he encouraged me to strengthen my mental health, and stop pushing myself so hard in the gym. He was the first fitness professional to educate me on the importance of self love and confidence. Looking back, I wish I would’ve implemented his advice to repair my metabolism and focus on my mental and emotional health more than physical. I was so consumed with doing whatever it took to be a size “0” before Miss USA, that I couldn’t focus on anything else. I didn’t lose the weight, and I competed at a size 4. I was considered one of the “bigger” girls at the competition.

My physical and mental health went out the window after Miss USA. The gym was no longer my sanctuary, it was now a means for punishing myself. If I went out with friends, had a drink, or ate something I “shouldn’t”, I felt guilty and spent hours trying to work it off. It was such an unhealthy cycle and I was trapped.

All of this was happening while my life looked perfect on the outside. Of course no one shows their struggles on social media, so instead of turning to get help I kept up a viscid and hoped it would get easier. Don’t get me wrong, I had so many positive things happening in my life and I am so thankful for my reign. However, if I could go back there’s a lot I would change, beginning with telling myself to chill the F out. When I passed-on my crown, I essentially gave up pushing myself in the gym. It was frustrating not to see results, so I avoided it all-together. When I turned 21 I let go of my routine and decided I was just going to have fun. I surrounded myself with friends, went out to clubs every weekend, traveled all over the country, and had the time of my life. But my new routine of not caring wasn’t working either. I went from one extreme to the other and my body broke down.

To this day, I’m still trying to repair my metabolism. Because of my torn labarums, I will need double hip surgery in the near future. I torchered my body because I thought the smaller I was the happier and more successful I would be. Let me tell you something, even when I was at my smallest, I still wasn’t happy with myself.

In 2015 and 2016, I wrote “get healthier” as my new years resolutions. But as each year passed, I was frustrated because my body didn’t have that “unbelievable change”. My only goal was to get that “perfect” body back.

In 2017 I made the resolution to do everything I could to fall in love with myself. Sounds weird I know, but I realized I would never be perfect so I was setting myself up for failure. I needed to learn to love myself in every phase of my health journey in order to be the best ME I could be. I transformed dramatically in 2017, because I began practicing self-love every day. I was proud of myself for my growth, and I began exercising again because I loved my body, not because I hated it. I journaled, I cut out negative people in my life, I limited social media, and I believed in myself.

I still battle with insecurity at times, but I’ve never felt mentally, emotionally, or spiritually healthier in my life. This shift changed everything. My relationship with myself and with others has improved dramatically and I no longer feel like I need to hide who I am or how far I’ve come.

Being vulnerable is scary, but I share my health journey with you because I know I’m not alone. I believe the majority of women reading this post will be able to relate to me in some way. But most importantly, I want this post to show you that I’m not even close to perfect. I don’t want to be another girl on your instagram feed that makes you feel less than. I’ve said this before, but social media isn’t reality. No one shares their struggles, failures, and insecurities online. It’s easy to get lost in comparison when looking at someone else’s “highlight reel” but the truth is that NO ONE is perfect.

We’re all beautifully and wonderfully made and it’s the year that we begin celebrating that. I want you to join me and become healthier mentally and physically in 2018. Become the best YOU possible, but don’t sacrifice your health to obtain an unrealistic standard of beauty. Learn to appreciate and love the skin you’re in, and watch your entire life transform.










These conversations are already being had. And its time for all of  us muse about a new pledge. One that will see each and everyone of us wholesome and completely loving ourselves, and thus being able to love another as such regardless of the way our physical bodies look. To treat our physical with utmost respect, a reflection of  mentally balance state of mind. In which ones perception of worth is not derived externally but internally and is not phased by opinions of mentally and emotionally unstable people, nor societies now matter how forceful an impact.

Jordan Wessels’s bravery to share her story on her journey has encouraged me to be more brazen about my own journey too. Yes! Even more brazen that I already am now lol. Because I think theres a lot of trauma release that needs to happen across our human civilization. And I want to start with mine.

More career gist to come soon. What do you think of her story? Feel free to share your below too. This is a safe space and all negativity and spam comment swill be deleted.


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Wagwan Nappyboos!

What’s popping?

My whole life right now my boos, my whole life. These past few months have been super duper eventful in every way shape and form for me. You really don’t want to know, but i’ll tell you anywayz. If you also really want to know in detail, the crazy life of a traveling young African woman trying to make it in the big bad world as a model, entrepreneur and now business woman, boo I’m also here for it. This space NAPPYESE is very much real and we’re not going anywhere anytime soon! We are here for Life!  All of it, and there’s no stopping us!

As I always say, I’m only a tap away by email, social media: Instagram (I’m here everyday), Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, even Youtube! I am always opening to meeting new people, making acquaintances, friends and learning new things. Feel free to share sometime with me if you wish. I am grateful for all my special nappyboos who have now become friends. with me through this journey of mine as a creator and social media influencer. I have identified my purpose as connecting with souls across the universe, creating spaces for authentic beauty, love, happiness, joy and peace. I am God’s gift to the World.

Long story short this hustling is not stopping anytime soon. And next up on our list of things to conquer together is this amazing opportunity with Maxim! I vaguely remember entering for this same competition a couple years ago. But life had other roads for me to plough first, and with more people to meet. But finally here we are again 🙂




I need all of you nappyboos to vote for me once every 24hours to win the coveted spot as a Maxim Magazine cover girl. The winner gets $25000 and a cover shoot with Maxim Magazine! And I would love to add you to my private whatsapp voting squad group. We are already up to fifth from 13th! And voting only just started. YASSSS!



I really want us to make this happen. Let’s level up together, reach out and join my nappy squad for maxim!

 The money I win will help pay for a green card for longer stay here in the states, cover plenty expenses for me and family back home and the rest will go into creating more merch and products for our nappy shop!

I’m excited!!!!! Feel free to enter this amazing opportunity as well if it suits your fancy and best of luck!!

Thank you for all your support on my Journey. Casssh yyou sooon!






NAPPYSTYLE SUMMER 2018 ft Ankle Express

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Wagwan my nappyboo,

What’s popping with you? Yasss! Nappyese is 2!! Things are lit! I mean its summer again in New York City who can complain?? You know me! Gratitude will now and forever be my first born child. I am super glad again for the heat, my dear this past winter was brutal. I’m growing to love this city more every single day, but I dare say I can’t stand it when its cold. So from next winter amma be chasing the Sun! Life is too short to not be in your natural element when the Universe has blessed us with abundance of variety and space.

Welcome to NappyStyle 2018!! I decided to go the photography route this time instead of a video like last years’ summer style post. Cos a gyal’s insta gotta stay winning! And taking photos instead of a style vlog allows me to use them for the gram. Yes! For the gram! The hustle real outchea!!

Watch my last style vlog:

This year I really feel I’ve started to truly come into my own style. I get inspiration from others but I’m not really looking to see who’s wearing what and letting that influence my style.Visiting India this past April has definitely influenced my style heavily this summer and most probably for the rest of the year. So color blocking is in!

Bright orange, yellow and fushia summer dress from India

I told myself I have more than enough clothes and aiint it the truth! I packed up 3 whole suitcase of clothes I have grown out of. I’m legit thinking of starting up a Nappybootique back home in Lagos (no jokes). So I decided this for this summers style, I would simply settle for a couple of sneakers and a few more accessories into my summer 2018 style. I’ve always loved bright colors, but India has re-enriched my life with colors.




BRI BRI BELT. Click to shop


Cowrie Earcuffs from Bellace Jewels. Fulani earrings from Kpelle designs

Nyri Earrings and fairy arm cuff from Fandjanm

I’m the queen of wanting to stand out and being different. Thrift store shopping is my thing and i’ll never turn my nose up at hand me downs. Not only is it sustainable for the planet, its also affordable. Forever grateful to superwoman Bridget Ganguli for blessing me with beautiful gold Indian sari tops. They rock! and they’re awesome for pairing with jeans or just a plain pair of bottoms.

Major Key Ankh ring from Afrohemian

This summer, I have also had the great pleasure of partnering with a preety cool sock brand called Ankle Express. They sent me a couple of super cool sock to brighten up my style even more!


“Whats becoming very obvious to me is that fashion is art”


Celtic Peacock Florida sock and laces from Ankle Express. Click this image to shop


 Thula Sindi Batik Dress 

Thula Sindi Batik Dress

The one and only expensive piece in my wardrobe this season is this Thula Sindi designer dress. I’ve had this dress for about 3 years now but i’ve never really worn it. Well, its popping this season 😉 Colors colors and more colors!!!


The best thing I loved about this summers style is crochet. Yes! Crochet. Living in bikinis in the summer months, crochet is the next best. And I am talking about no other than at the hand of muto crotchet! Hand made with love with neat and seamless finish, this brown crotchet dress gave me all type of feels! Let me know in the commets if you would like my secrets to staying decent under this meshy attire.


Dark Brown Crochet dress by Muto Crotchet, Aaya (Fern) Necklace and Earrings from Afrohemien

Not only does the color match perfectly with my skin for that sexy, confident neutral/nude look, It’s mesh makeup allows for cool and breezy feels through the warm days.


Clear and nude heels from DSW


Nappystyle Blue-Green matching setpiece by Muto Crotchet. Click this image to shop

Blue-Green matching set piece by Muto Crotchet. Click this image to shop


Steel arm cuffs from India

Dress down or up with a pair of sandals or heels


Blue beeded Jhumka earrings long Click this image to shop

Blue beaded Jhumka earrings. Click this image to nappyshop  


I’ve always had a quirky style. Yasss to socks and sandals! In this case ankle express and heels. If you’re a dare devil like me cop yourself a pair of Wrapping Pharaoh’s Marmalade sock from Ankle Express, made for the soles of a queen (and kings of course!). The trick to wearing sock with sandal/heels is simply to rock your vibe! Just like Luipta Nyongos’ infamous quote

“Whats becoming very obvious to me is that fashion is art”

So create your art with Ankle Express and rock it boo. Walk with you head high and proud. Keep in mind that not everyone will get your vibe and that’s ok! 


Wrapping Pharaoh’s Marmalade sock from Ankle Express. Click to shop

Also ankara print outfits till the end of time! I’m a star baby! Shoutout to my baby sister Philomena Otobo for copping me this cute star akara print.

Wrapping Pharaoh’s Marmalade sock from Ankle Express

Wrapping Pharaoh’s Marmalade sock from Ankle Express. Click to shop

Photo credits:

Obi Abili

Yoniqua Yougblood

Jesse Kulawole Williams


That’s all for this summer’s nappystyle boo. All of these outfits will be mixed, match and layered to protect my skin in the colder winter months. You can check out my style of layering for fall and winter in my previous style posts;


I hope you enjoyed these images. Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. Check out all the amazing new accessories in our new nappy shop. Be reminded there are lots of cool new giveaways + more of my style on my social pages. Subscribe to my Youtube channel NAPPYESE TV, lots of exciting heart thumping visuals coming soon (like me singing in the subways of nyc ;), and heads ups on my #30daysinIndia Vlog series.

See you soon and Cassh you on the gram!





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#30DAYSININDIA: How I became a Yoga Teacher +Vlog Highlights

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Wagwan my boo!

Is another day in Nappyese world! Been back from India and we popping! Grab a snack and a drink! Iz about to be a looooong post!

How have you been? I wanna hear from you, so shout me out in the comments!

India was crrraaaaaaazzzzyyyyyyyyy yall!!!!! I mean! Words alone can not fully describe the intense life rounded experiences that my trip to India was.


Just like my soul knew it would be! Thank heavens I decided to digitalize my experience! And even with that there were some moments that were just too real to be in dual dimension! Like our infamous monkey fight over bananas, I’ve been singing about on my instagram.


Yall!!!! This is video content gist I tell you!!!

Scroll  to the bottom of this post to watch my 30 DAYS IN INDIA HIGHLIGHTS


Scroll  to the bottom of this post to watch my 30 DAYS IN INDIA HIGHLIGHTS

And I thank God for enormous blessings!! Like my husbae coming all the way to meet me and being part of my unique experience. This whole vlog series that’s about to mightily tease your senses would never wouldn’t have fully manifested without him.


India was all sorts of intense! I’m sure you’ve heard this many a times. And I’m going to sound the gong again cos its sooooo true!

The colors, the smells, the people, their customs and traditions. I can’t count the no of times I was bombarded by Indian families for selfies. Bombarded indeed! I even ended up loosing my favorite pair of ray ban sun glasses and a kaftan I had mission all the way to a market to get in all the confusion. Many times when a tribe of Indian family would swarm I would feel like I was adopted hahah and it was a family photo.

Some are polite enough to ask, some sieze the oppotruntiy to invade your space. If you take one selfie with an Indian, best belive you’re taking 10 more in the same breath.

My favorite place to be in out of all the places was Fatehpur Sikri, because there was space!!! Oh Lord, sweet space. Even though India is such a vast country, the people tend to hurdle together. Law and order is a myth and traffic is madness.

From Cows to Mules, Horses, monkey, motorcycles on the bridges; Lakshman Jula(Monkey robbers here) and Ram Jhula to cray tuk tuk drivers in New Delhi, it was Chaos!


Follow Rupert Jr. my Travel bear on Instagram!

Up next for favorites was the Golden temple. The beautiful gold coated building in Agra where the Indians come to pray. It is perhaps the equivalent to a pilgrimage in Mecca. Out of all the places we visited, this was the one places were we felt the most at peace. The energy here was one of love and worship and peace. Sweet peace. We could have stayed here for days…

It was amazing learning yoga in the beautiful tourist haven that is the city of Rishikesh! And I am looking forward to sharing that 30 days experience in my #nappytravel vlog series. One of the things I learnt while studying yoga is the importance of self study as a yogi. This is something I’ve always been particularly good at and needless to say I achieved all that I set out to when I asked myself WHY I AM GOING TO INDIA

It was an intense journey to re-discovery back to self and I’m really giving you a large chunk of my heart by taking you along with me, each day I was there, learning and re-discovering my inner Ese. This is why I have decided to create a new special section of my blog to coincide with my blog and brands 2nd year anniversary!! (Whoop!) for all you beautiful nappyboos who will continue to come on my journey with me. I am titling it  NAPPY-DIARIES! And this is where I will release all of the 30days of my spiritual discovery journey in India and well as other heart thumping topics we will continue to discuss about.










It’s funny because when this idea came to me I remebred the times in secondary (high) school when my  school-mates would steal my dairy and journals and tell each other about what I had written. It used to hurt quite a lot then, but alas here we are again 🙂

So head over to my Nappy-diaries and save yourself a spot! The first video of the #nappytravel series will release soon!

To conclude India was everything and more I thought it would be. More because I was plenty dis-illusioned of many things I had thought about the place. Yes, I’m blaming bollywood lol. So differ if you may of you’re an Indian nappy boo and you don’t agree with some things below, but let’s agree to disagree because these are my personal real life experiences.I always form my conclusions about a place by the characters of it’s people. And here are


1.Indians don’t really dance;

At least not like how bollywood makes it seem. You know.. like after every emotional feasible event. Which I won’t lie was quite disspointing for me. There were no dance houses in Rishikesh, in Amristar, Agra and even in Delhi, finding one felt like a mission. Every time we asked locals about dancing we got something like; This is a holy city so no dancing. What…??

The one time we had a chance in Rishikesh on one of my yoga mates birthday, they turned the music off a 10 o’clock and make stern faces that read get out of our restaurant. The only time I saw real dancing was at a wedding that happening right beside my yoga school. I put two and two together, cos if bollywood isn’t real and there is an abundance of dancing in it at all times……… My awakening had started 🙁

My amazing yoga mates and Yoga Teacher!

2. Most Indians are vegeterians but they also eat meat.

Don’t beleive the myth that Rishikesh is a Holy City where meat is not eaten because they are. It took my bae only 2 days of arriving to get approached by the locals asking if he wanted to eat meat at a special price of course. We had Chicken for dinner on couple occasions. All I could think was of the poor unassuming tourists who actually believe the stories they are fed. If that was a lie imagine the web of other lies are being spun. To be honest I actually was enjoying my time away from meat after struggling past the first 2 weeks and getting used to it until my bae came and ruined that lol.. (jokes)

3. Indians are kind and welcoming people

Even with the blatant corruption that seems to be plaguing the Indian society, and I can speak about it because my country Nigeria has the same disease. As most societies do to a certain degree, but when it has seeped so deeply engrained into the culture its a wonder and mighty relief when you find good people! They were more than a few incidents where we were ripped off on our trip, (and you must have heard this) but for every horrible person and encounter, we met good people that helped our heart feel a little better. For example we took the train and ended thinking a family had taken our seats on the train but we had been sold a train ticket for the day before instead for the day we needed (even after we ran around town and waited many hours to get these), so we had no seats. The station manger didn’t care to help our plight, but the Sikh family were kind enough to take us in, shared their food, stories and families with us, taught us their language, even gave us orange turbans as gifts after teaching us how to tie it. <Sniff> that was so beautiful, I’m still emotional even writing about it. Even with all of the stress that surrounded us, moments like these made it entirely worthwhile! And I have plenty more stories like these but I will save them for my vlogs!


4. Most Indians don’t practise Yoga

First of all I was nicely surprised to find out Yoga was a practice that generated from the Indians. I thought it was just another western form of exercise until I decided to dive deeper into it.

Then I finally travelled all the way to India to find that it is not generally practiced by most Indians. Another surprise! Even as beautiful and holistic the practice is?  Even at my school in my yoga class there were only three Indians in the whole course of about 13 people and one left. I don’t know what to make of this but I bless the ancient Vedics’ for discovering this amazing practice and everyone else who had a hand in trinkling down the wisdom and information into this time.

5. Colorism and Sexism is real AF!

I’ll do us both a favor and save  some horror stories for the vlogs. Because I don’t think just writing here can fully express my true feelings as a young African Nigerian woman traveling all alone in Asia my herself, for the times when bae hadn’t arrived.

And one more point just for the heeck of it:

6. The colors are surreal!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen as much glorious color blocking as I did in India. You can probably tell from my burst bright orange dress in the pictures above. The colors of India is one of the main thing that attracted be to it and I was not disappointed in this regard. I was lucky enough to have meet a beloved kind hearted woman named Bridget Ganguly who took me shopping for Sari tops and helped me hemm my Saris I had bought in Haridwar. And even showed me how to tie it!


All in all India is a mind blowing place! I am more than grateful for the grace to have lived and fulfilled my dreams of India beyond my wildest expectations!

Would I go back?? I tell everyone in 10 years, a private jet and red carpet. And I kinda mean it! …. I think

So here is the final   starting round up of my #30daysinIndia travel series. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel and don’t miss out of the rest of the travel vlog series! Also plenty more gist coming in my nappy diaries!



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WHY I AM GOING TO INDIA -An African girl confession

First Trip to Asia: What’s in my box

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Wagwan my Napyboo,

Thanks for stopping by again on the blog. Finally ASIA!!!!! I can’t tell you how super freaking stinking excited I am to be finally going to DUM DUM DUM *drumroll* IIIIINNNNDDDDIIIAAA. And it’s not just because Manushi Chinchillar is the current miss world haha.

Anyone who truly truly know me can attest to my love of Bollywood Sagas. I mean if you’ve followed me from my early days of starting my youtube channel you’d remember where I touched on my healthy obsession for Top International and Bollywood actress Deepeka Padukone and Priyanka Chopra in my Channel Trailer Video. Yes, I grew up watching Bollywood Love stories, but my reasons for finally visiting India goes beyond my dreams of dancing and singing on one of those movie sets (far fetched but real AF!) All my soon to be Indian friends, if you have connects hook a sister up please no jokes.

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They say curiosity killed the cat. Loolzz, yet here you are tryna to stick your nose in my box, and I don’t mind at all!

I spent the past couple weeks searching for authentic experiences from people who have experienced the great country of India and I came across the gorgeous hippie-in-heels. before we proceed let me clear the air. I am from Lagos Nigeria, more precisely brought up in Ikorodu


Think about my last statement. If nothing still clicks, let me just state it; India’s got nofin on me. My dear if you can survive in Lagos you can survive anywhere abeg. My Lasgidi people please eigtighi in the comments if you agree with me. The average Nigerian has been through the most and we survive. I know I can handle India. Now if I only I could escape the dreaded ‘Delhi Belle’ I can smile triumphantly through my #30daysinIndia.




Most of the stuff I read say the real dread is the water. I have to swear by bottle water for these 30days, luckily buying water has never been my chai latte 🙁  Lets hope I don’t come back parched. I guess this is a good time to say this trip is on a budget. The bravery I had alone to book my flight ehn?! But I know my experiences will be worth much more..

Updates skin care routine coming soon!

Lavender Essential Oil for concentration and Focus

LemonGrass Essential Oil to repel Bug and Mosquito bites

Ecalyptus and Frankinscence to ward off fever


I guess this is also a good time to add I won't have health insurance. Lord have mercy!

Healing Stones and Shea Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner Travel sizes!

This is the first time I have incorporated healing stones into meditation. These are special stones relatable to Capricorn Sun Sign. Black Opal and Galena. I probably know as much as you do when it comes to astrology or maybe not. As an Earth sign, I want to feel more connected to my elements and this is my first step.

I wonder whats more shocking? That I’m going to India or that I’m actually taking food provisions with. Again, totally a Nigerian thing. At least for folk like us who knows how rough it is to live far away from home in “boarding school”

How I see, this is just another extension of those days going away from home to study. Life studies continues. If you really think about it, you’d see how this is really a smart move. Especially if you’re on a budget. Plus I’ve been a carnivore all my life, my whole perception of life is about to change quite drastically in more ways than one. Best to have things I like: FOOOOOODDDDD


I’d say I’m preety prepared for this trip. What do you think?

Rupert Jr. my travelling bear is also super excited to being this new journey! Tell you nieces and nephews to follow his adventures on Facebook! He aims to inspire little brave hearts all over to believe; It doesn’t matter where you are from, you can choose where you want to go. Follow @RupertTheTravellingbear on Instagram


The Adventures of Rupert Jr. The travelling bear from Jozi


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Read more: Why I am going to India

WHY I AM GOING TO INDIA -An African girl confession

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South Africa, Spain, Germany, Italy, Paris, United States and now INDIA! I won’t be the first to rant on how majorly important it is  to write down goals. I’ve always known travel was for me. I found myself re-downloading the wanderlist app, my heart skips mini beats when I see my Travel list from a few years back. I didn’t know how I was going to do it. Yet here I am doing it!!

My long legs have almost reach all the four corners of the earth. Lol… Almost. It’s my first time on the eastern hemisphere of the globe, and I am prepared.

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I think it’s important in life to embrace every part of who we are as individuals. For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a fascination with Indian culture, fed by fairly steady stream of Bollywood movies_naturally. It honestly wasn’t until a few months while I was back home for festivities did an epiphany finally hit me! One of my cousin is named Radha (after the Goddess Radha I thought?). A photograph of her mother – my aunt smiling abundantly into the camera while signing a court marriage registry with a Sari on!!!! jumped out at me on one of those familiar flips through old family picture albums.

Y’all can’t tell me nufin! Indian energy runs in my family and I am super excited to immerse myself in it.

Ok, hehe now thats that’s outta the way, here are my





After being on the road for 4 years, moving from city to city in search of better opportunities to survive and thrive, I have found myself needing to access my thoughts and my position in life. To ask myself why I’m doing some of the things I’m doing, what I want to change and where I want to go from there. I didn’t make any New Year resolutions at the end of 2017, partly because I didn’t really know what I wanted. Now, I am on a mission to continue forming new ideas and execution plans, and make concrete definitions and decisions. I know for a fact there nothing like a break and change of scenery to quiet down the minds rowdy thought and help focus. I literally feel like this is the beginning of the my year 2018


I have self practiced Yoga for 2years. It all started when I picked up a copy of a Womens Health magazine that promised Yoga poses for weight-loss.  I fell in love and never looked back. I’ve realized my passion for yoga is deeper than physical appearance. I want to know who, what, why and how to do my yoga and  poses correctly. What better way to find out than the birthplace of Yoga itself; INDIA


My nack for travel came early. I can easily attribute it to my early reading culture days. I remember how easy it was to would devour every novel/paperback I could lay hands on, encouraged my father (thanks pop). These days I’m starting new books without finishing the previous. But the damage has already been done. My mind has literally touched all corners of the globe and now my body will follow. I wrote down all the cities and place I would love to visit on my Wonderlist app. Trust me I’m way more shook than you are how this is actually happening!!!!


Somewhere in me I believe all humans should be nomads, even if only in the tiniest of ways. I remember when my Economics teacher explained problems of immigrations. I feel most of these problems wouldn’t arise if the general human culture is to move around sharing love, energy and resources with one another.



There are emotions I have not confronted from my journeys thus far. This break away will give me sometime to do so and heal from those experiences. All of my traveling has caused me to grow up faster, adulting and battling life challenges from the young age of 19. I’ve found myself waddling frequently in emotions of anxiety and irrationality. Apprehensiveness about the future. Travelling takes it toll, and I’m needing some balance and clarity.I have not taken proper time to acknowledge the little girl inside me and all that she’s been through having to grow up so fast. So I will heal from that.

I will incorporated the use of Healing Gemstones as recomended by mizChartreuse on ASTROFLOTUS for my Capricorn Sun Sign. Also I’ve had some pain in my right hamstring for more than a couple months now. Instead of going to the Doctor here in NYC I am choosing traditional ways to heal it; Yoga. Someone once told me Yoga dosen’t heal pain but reveals the areas that need attention and care. What’s that you say? You would like updates? Well I gotcha 🙂


After I concrete up new plans and goals. Some of which I am excited to share some with you soonest! I am going to see myself having already achieved those goals. I won’t have all the answer to life from this one trip but I am definately manifesting and being grateful for the immediate ones I come up with. Visualization is such a powerful method of turning dreams into reality. I hope you will join me on this journey. If you don’t already know how this works see this blog post  The Law of attraction: How I live my Life



I have decided to be even more vocal about my journeys and experiences as a young travelling African Nigerian woman. Where I’m from, its not common to find people with life experiences like mine. I have travelled way more than all the people I knew growing up in the humble town of Ikorodu Lagos.

I will share more because I know my unique experiences can help guide and inspire whosoever is not afraid to walk the less chosen path. Sharing my challenges helps my journey be less lonely and connect with like minded souls. Because no man is an Island. We all need support from each other.

Starting the first day I arrive in India I am committing to a 30-day Vlog series titled #30daysinIndia. Where I will document my soul searching questions and answers, my journey as a new yogi. As well as all the other fun crazy experiences India has to offer!


Check out The Adventures of Rupert Jr. The travelling bear from Jozi!

This is my first Travel Vlog series and I am looking forward to sharing my every day thoughts and experiences with you on my Youtube and Instagram. Follow my channels and join me on this amazing new experience. Please support me and my #nappytravel content on social media by liking, leaving comments and reposting. Hit me up with comments here slide in my DMs with any questions you have.

I hope to share all of my new yogi knowledge with you as soon as I am back. Free summer Yoga sesh in Central Park anyone? 😉





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