FEBRUARY SECRETS: How to Care for Natural Hair in Winter/Dry Season

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Hello Beautiful! πŸ™‚

…psssst! So my February secret is how I am caring for my Mushu in the freezing streets of NYC. Catchy title right?? hehe. This routine can also apply to you if you live in countries with winter or dry seasons.



Here’s How I’m caring for my Natural Hair in Winter;


I always begin with a scalp massage before I start any type of treatment. Adding my Essential Natural Oils to open and declog my scalp pores and increase the thickness of my hair. Β Then use the same mixture to Pre-poo. Read Benefits of Pre-Pooing


Cantu Shea Butter Complete Conditioning Co-wash

I ditched my shampoo. And it’s not just because I couldn’t bring it along with my heavily overweight bags. Β Shampoo dries the hair out. Sulfate free or not. In cold minus zero degrees dry weather natural hair is needing all the moisture it can get hands-on. No time for dryness. I opted instead for my Cantu complete conditioning co-wash to cleanse. This is perfect because I’ve been so busy with moving and settling I haven’t had time to really style my hair, so I don’t have product build-up ( gels, oils etc.) requiring me toΒ cleanse with shampoo. Not only does CANTU cleanse my scalp, it also conditions! WIN!!


We all know deep conditioning is crucial to our hair care regimen, even more so in winter. Dry season is the time to pull off our lazy natural girl pants and be more vigilant to our nappy hair needs, if we want to prevent dryness and excessive breakage. The easier option is to protective style your hair away from the hard elements of cold, which I strongly recommend. But if you’re anything like me and protective styling is not exactly a readily available option,then deep conditioning is your new best friend. I went into the store and got me some Shea Moisture goodness!! Yaay America!! No more product struggles πŸ™‚


I deep condition twice a week. I have to wear my hair out for New-York fashion week and I’m not taking any chances! This is why I opted for the Shea Moisture Β Mongongo&Hemp Seed Oils High Porosity Moisture Seal-Masque. It is targetedΒ at High-porosity hair (4a-4c hair) and it promises to seal in moisture. I’m looking forward to adding Hemp Seed Oil to my Natural Oil cabinet.

Leave a comment if you would like an in-dept Β product review of Β the Shea Moisture Mongongo&Hemp Seed Oils High Porosity Moisture Seal-Masque



What is as important as adding moisture is sealing in that moisture. My Shea moisture masque is doing the most but I apply Jamaican Black Castor Oil to further lock in all the moisture goodness after deep conditioning. I did not apply my Cantu leave-in conditioning repair cream because it is loaded with Humecants. It is important to steer clear of humecant( ex. honey, glycerin) and products loaded with it during the winter. While humecants are great at attracting moisture from the air to the hair in summer months, in winter they have adverse effects because they take the moisture from the hair and release into the atmosphere. What is good for the gander may not be good for the goose!!! This is why it is important to familiarize yourself with the ingredients in your hair products and how your hair reacts to them (Read Ingredients to avoid in natural hair products). Also, using heavier oils like castor oil in the winter ensures that the moisture does not evaporate into nothingness because its sits heavily on the outer cuticle thereby sealing it.


I am making sure to use either my satin pillow case or cap. Most times both! Protective style with braids, wig etc The more natural hair is kept away from friction the lesser chances of the outer cuticle chipping and thinning off. Now… if only I could keep my hands out of my hair πŸ™

Click to Read Top 10 Tool and Things for Nappy-Hair after the Big Chop!

Many Naturals will tell you, you don’t necessarily need products to grow long natural hair. They are right! While products aid in cleansing and caring for hair whilst make you feel pampered and luxurious, the truth is that your hair can survive just fine without them. They no.1 key to growing nappy hair is understanding it and how it works. Once you figure this out, the rest is beans. Nappy Hair needs moisture!!!! Understanding the science of learning how to add and keep the moisture in your strands=Growth. See post How to return Natural in 2107. When it is within your power to pamper yourself and your hair with yummy products, Why not? Again..CHOICES.


How to care for Natural Hair in winter/dry season

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So my nappy folks, thanks for reading. I hope you learnt some tips on how to care for Natural Hair in Winter/dry season.Β 



Love &Nappiness




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