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I know what you’re thinking! Poo-whaaa?? What the heck is poo and why would i put it on my hair? ‘_’

Caalllmmm your boobs! haha 🙂

Pre-poo is just an abbreviation for Pre-Shampooing treatment. It is basically conditioning your hair with natural oils,butters or conditioner before shampooing to prepare you hair for the washing process. I credit pre-poo for the reduction in my SSKs plus wash day is now much easier because I’m not struggling with tangles.

Welcome to another nappy post!  I’m glad to have you here ♥ I’m outchea tryna recover from Fashion week. I worked the whole week from 7am-11 and sometimes till midnight! and even on Sunday! It was hard work but I’m grateful for it and I have lots of behind the scene goodies I will be sharing with you soonest!!!

If you have been nappy(natural) for a while you most probably have heard of pre-poo and may practice it. All the top nappy hair bloggers have listed the benefits of prepooing at some point on their blogs and I will be no different because pre-poo is one step I choose not to miss on wash days when I use a shampoo. Even on weeks when I only co-wash I make sure to pre-poo because I know that my 4chair needs all the extra moisture and nourishing it can get whenever it can get it.



1. EASIER DETANGLING: The number one benefit I’ve noticed from pree-pooing is the drastically reduced number of knots and tangles I experience on wash day, and you can take this from me because I only seriously detangle my hair after I have finished shampooing, conditioning and deep conditioning! cos aiint nobady gat time to detangle twice. Some of my shed hair simply slides off unto my fingers to the floor as I am running my fingers through my hair when washing with my conditioner, so this means less trouble with my hair during my actual detangling process.

2. LESS BREAKAGE: I’ve noticed less breakage since I started pre-pooing. Coconut Oil (my fave pre-poo oil) conditions and strengthens my hair and gets it ready for the rigors of wash day.

3. REDUCED  SSKs: The shampooing process can be harsh and drying on the hair strands, this is why it is important to use a sulphate free shampoo and follow-up with a deep conditioning process. In my first year of my nappy hair journey I did not pre-poo. As you know I battled with SSKs  in the first year of  my hair journey(check out my natural hair journey, click here). I was washing with conditioner and deep conditioning but still SSKs were all over my hair like a plague.

Now that I pre-poo, SSKs on my strands have gone from little to non-existent. The pre-poo treatment prevents the shampoo from stripping off my natural oils from my scalp and hair. Properly oiled and moisturized strands will slide along each other instead of knotting, again less tangles and less SSKs 🙂 I don’t know if I’m imagining this but I just know it works for me!

4. EXCUSE TO SCALP MASSAGE: The benefits of scalp massaging include increased blood circulation to the hair follicles, conditioning the scalp and thus preventing dryness,itching and dandruff, strengthening hair roots, relaxation and de-stressing . I know scalp massaging is beneficial to hair growth so before I apply coconut oil to my strands, I  massage my scalp with JBCO (Jamaican Black Castor Oil) and honestly it feels awesome. I reap the benefits of scalp massaging and pre-poo! TOTAL WIN!



Benefits of Pre-poo

Choose your pre-poo treatment. Most natural oils are great as a pre-poo treatment. Do some research on the best oils/butters for pre-pooing and its benefits and just choose what you like, it can even be a mix of oil and conditioner.My favorite to pre-poo with is Coconut Oil!

Simply take your mix and apply it to your dry hair.

Cover your hair with you plastic shower cap and put on a scarf or cap over that to keep it in place. Leave the bag on for 30mins to and hour before shampooing. I leave my pre-poo treatment over night.

Sleep like a baby and know that you done some good for your hair.


Check out my latest videoon my youtube channel; How I got my FRO ready for the 7 days of Fashion Week. WASH, DEEP-CONDITION and PROTEIN TREATMENT

If you pre-poo what benefits have you noticed from pre-pooing?



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  • Thuli Mac
    August 17, 2016

    I’ll be honest. I pre-poo’d without knowing that that’s what I was doing. I can’t even tell you how I figured my hair liked it. I think I just realized that jumping in the shower right away with my dry hair just wasn’t working hahah!!! Oh man, the natural hair world and all the terminology ey! Great post!! Chikas do need to know that this ‘pre-poo-ing” works!

  • nappyese
    August 18, 2016

    looooolzz… How random. T’means you gat it in yer genes gurl! Pre-poo definately saves lives 🙂 feel free to share beautiful! I’m sure there are women out there still struggling with tangles on wash day.

  • nappyese
    September 14, 2016

    Awesome MeeMee! With preepoo I can get away with detangling after after ive washed shampooed and conditioned 🙂

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