My name is Julia Ese Otobo

Below you will find, a couple of words about me


Hi Human,

I’m Ese (say it like Essay). I was born in Lagos Nigeria to a beautiful family of 7 the 19th day of Jan ’94 alongside my beautiful twin sister Onome. I like to eat, sleep, draw,sing and dance, travel, explore and grow. I love children.

At 19 I won a local modeling competition in Nigeria.That moment changed my life because I applied the Law of attraction and it worked! See story here.

After that I knew the sky was my starting point. I have traveled to 7 different countries since then. I recently moved to NYC to chase my dream of becoming a Top Model.

-I am currently still chasing and will be here always to give you updates. I’ve kept dairies since I was 11. Consider this Blog a Digital diary of sorts. I am sharing with you my Life experiences that I am literally making up as I go.

Here’s what I wrote down when I had the idea to start this Blog:

My ultimate purpose in life is to become Love, because I know then I will find God.

Peace and Love to all.