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I’m ESE ( pronounced like the English ESSAY, without the AY drag but with a short E. get it?) It means Gift in Urhobo, a language of the Delta people from the Southern part of Nigeria.

I’m a 22-year-old African Fashion Model , a travelling nomad, a believer in Love, the power of the Universe, positive thoughts and feelings. I fell IN LOVE with my NAPPY hair in March 2014 and I have never looked back. Its hasn’t been the easiest journey, trying to grow breakage prone 4chair NAPPY HAIR whilst dreaming of world domination and sauntering down VS Runway with a BIG FAT AFRO, but I always was the odd Plum Blossom. One of the biggest rewards of ‘returning natural’ is the refreshing and deserving self-love and confidence I have come to acquire.


Spero Villioti Couture

NAPPYESE is life through the eye of a Nappy haired Fashion Model. Check out my natural hair journey so far here

NappyGift -All for you!


On this Blog you will find Healthy Natural hair tips, hair tutorials on NappyeseTV product reviews for growing, maintaining and caring for Black naturally textured Kinky, Coily, Nappy Hair. I am not a Hair Care specialist.  Just another passionate blogger, 3years and two big chops later sharing and preaching her love for AFROs.

 Download my free Natural Hair Guide e-bookNappyHair by Ese and understand the basics to caring for Natural hair.

I hope to educate and to learn,inspire and be inspired,showcase and celebrate the beauty of Africa and African hair, and all around share positive energy 🙂 I love to write and I’m very excited that you have found my little corner of the world-wide web!

You will also find my NappyTravels and experiences as a model of color around the Big bad globe. This blog is for you as it is as well for me. Leave comments on my post, blast my email with questions you have about Natural Hair, Modelling or just pop me a Hello when you need a friend anytime.

You will mostly find me lurking and sharing #BLACKGIRLMAGIC 😉 on Instagram! Feel free to hangout with me!


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