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Exciting news!!

Our baby brand has grown bigger!! Have you had a chance to explore our brand New NAPPYESE SHOP yet? Go and do so right now and come back for more of this exciting News!

*drum Roll please…*

I am so pleased to announce that NAPPYESE is now partnered with an award winning American Brand Nuskin to you the best of natural based, health, beauty and skin care world!! Whats more? Our About page is updated too! NAPPYESE is steadily rising to greater and greater heights as the vision becomes clearer

To sit here and write all the amazing pros this company is bringing to the table is to write an eternal blog post! haha So instead, at your utmost convenience link here to read more on NUSKIN.

But first, permit me to tell you a little about the company.


“Why Nuskin products? What makes them better than the rest? Why should I buy from you?”

Well here’s some easy answers…


✘ Nuskin products are animal cruelty free! Nuskin does not test on animals. 

✘ Nuskin products are made using natural key ingredients, combined with top science getting the best of both worlds! You are not putting harsh chemicals on your skin! ⚠️


️✘ You’re not paying for a ‘name’, you’re paying for quality.
Too many people are paying high prices for popular branded names when these products are actually clogging their pores, filled with all sorts of dodgy ingredients, and aren’t benefitting their skin! ❌


✘ Nuskin has over 35+ years of science behind them, over 75 scientists (PhD level) work on their products everyday. Nuskin has won numerous awards from beauty to technology and innovation. They are leading in their field and get recognised constantly by top magazines, articles and nominated for so many annual award shows! 


✘ This company gives back to people. They created MULTIPLE organisations including ‘Nourish the Children’ which so far has given over 600 million meals to the worlds most malnourished children. You can be a part of this! Learn more about Nourish the Children and Force for Good 


✘ And most importantly – NUSKIN PRODUCTS WORK. You can see real visible results almost instantly  They are the DIFFERENCE DEMONSTRATED!


So those things considered, why NOT our products? 

Working these past months with Nuskin has been a great learning experience. All of this growth NAPPYESE is experiencing is partly due to their presence in my Universe. There’s no need to imagine because its already here! Our small natural hair blog now of 2013, slowly morphing into an Amazon of natural and natural based& cruelty free skin and health care ASHÈ and first on board is NUSKIN!


As you may know from the NappyGram, these past 4 months has had me trying a variety of the Nuskin products and I have to say that I am impressed with their quick and definite results, were has this brand been all our lives?

This new collaboration enables me to make brand-new and wonderful product available to you and even at discounted rates too

Calling all Skin care Lovers..

There is so much more I want to share with you on this great opportunity, but I will save it for a next blog post. I can’t keep secrets from you so I will go ahead and say right now that this partnership involves you too!

Ssshh! That’s all for now. Until next time!